Horrific Suffering of Animals on Chinese Fur Farms

Horrific Suffering of Animals on Chinese Fur Farms

HORRIFIC SUFFERING OF ANIMALS ON CHINESE FUR FARMSWARNING EXTREME GRAPHIC CONTENT – In the video above you will witness first-hand the cruelty and suffering animals go through on Chinese Fur Farms that ultimately is used to clothe those who like to wear furs.

I have to be honest I only made it through the first 30 seconds of this video before I turned it off; as I simply could not bear to watch this level of cruelty.

As someone who writes several articles a day I have inevitably come across a lot of material and has touch every emotion I know humanly possible.  It is however on the exceptional occasions that I come across a story that is disturbs me to my core and this in one of those times.

If you are one of those people who does like to wear furs then you really ought to site through the entire video and I am sure once you have finished you will never buy another fur again.

The only way to ever stop these acts of barbarism is to cease purchasing the goods that are produced from these acts.

Again I warn you this video is horrific…

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