HS2 Salaries Obscene says MEP

by Editor | July 12, 2014 1:53 am

EXPRESS & STAR – Jill Seymour from UKIP hit out at the plan to give as many as 30 new HS2 members of staff more pay than the Prime Minister, who gets £142,500 a year.

Sir David Higgins, boss of the High Speed Two rail project company, revealed the salary plans last week.

And Transport Secretary Patrick Mc Loughlin said he was ‘OK’ with the proposal, insisting it was ‘absolutely essential’ to get the right calibre of people.

But Mrs Seymour, the newly elected UKIP MEP who will be sitting on the European Union’s transport committee, said: “It is obscene to be spending so much money in the first place on HS2, which will be of little or no benefit to the majority of people in our country.

“To then start employing bureaucrats on these fat-cat salaries, at a time when the UK still has to borrow huge sums to make ends meet, is obscene. It is rubbing salt into the wounds.”

Mrs Seymour described HS2 as a ‘white elephant’ which should be scrapped, with the estimated £50 billion used instead for improving the existing rail and public transport infrastructure.

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