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Human Rights of a Killer

Human Rights of a Killer

HUMAN RIGHTS OF A KILLER – Tracy Richardson is the daughter of Michelle Gunshon, who was brutally raped and murdered by Martin Stafford.

After killing Michelle Gunshon, Stafford went on the run and was finally extradited from Ireland where he ultimately stood trial and was convicted for her murder.

Despite years of not knowing where Stafford buried her mother neither she nor the police are allowed to contact Stafford for such a move would be a breach of his human rights.

Read full story … Daily Mail says…

The overall public opinion appears to be one of abstention; that is the refusal to vote for any politician that supports the Human Rights Act 1998 and the European Convention on Human Rights for both appears to do little more than protect the guilty.

Martin Strafford and Tracy Richardson - Human Rights

Image – Left: Martin Strafford | Right: Tracy Richardson – Still looking for her mother’s body.

The question here so many want answering is; ‘Whatever happened to Tracy Richardson’s human rights and indeed the human rights of Michelle Gunshon so that she might be found and given a proper burial?’

According to the article in the Daily Mail Tracy Richardson is not permitted to contact Stafford in any manner; this includes attempting to send a letter, email or communicate via telephone.  These are all inconsequential, for Tracy Richardson is not even permitted to know where Stafford is imprisoned.

Once again the judicial system, in the area of Human Rights, visibly appears to protect the rights of the criminal whilst forsaking the victim’s rights and that of the family members.

One commenter on the Daily Mail wrote …

“So messrs Clegg, Cameron and Milipede…. still think it’s cool to be in the EU? Or do big business profits and stuffing pockets with cash come before humanity? Just checking, what with the upcoming elections.” Surrounded by Fools

The Justice Secretary Chris Grayling once again recently told the media that he was going to draft legislation so that Britain could pull out of the European Convention on Human Rights; however, such a move cannot take place whilst the Tory have a Liberal Democrat coalition for any attempts to do so will result in the Liberal Democrats blocking such a move.


Grayling Urges Tory MPs to Scrap the Human Rights Act

We often talk about our politicians being detached from reality and again Mr. Grayling’s actions and words speak volumes in that such a move should never be his decision but rather the decision of the majority.

It is long overdue that Government implemented an electronic referendum system.  Such a system is not beyond the scope of today’s technology and as such would prevent the likes of Nick Clegg, who is nothing more than a public paid lackey, from making decisions based on his own liberal progressive ideology that leaves the majority of the votes seething at the gills.

Criminals such as Stafford should have no human rights for anyone who can commit such a heinous crime should be categorised as human.

It’s about time that the British people insisted on a referendum for the reinstatement of the death penalty for such a move is likely to have overwhelming support.

Before the likes of Stafford are taken and strung up, a goodly amount of truth serum should be administered in order to extract information that is required; if that doesn’t work then torture should be the next step.

It really is high time that we stopped feeling sorry for criminals and concentrated on giving justice to the victims and their families.

It must be noted that not all family members of victims want to see the perpetrator subjected to the death penalty and therefore a judge should seek their permission if such a penalty can be provided under law.

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Human Rights of a Killer