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I Am Gay and You Are Not!

I Am Gay and You Are Not!

I AM GAY AND YOU ARE NOT! - They are coming out of the woodwork and the closet….OK, we get it, there are homosexuals everywhere, they are male or female, and they are lurking in every job known to man. Enough already, we get it.  You are gay and we are not!

I don’t know about anyone else, but I am getting sick and tired of all the media coverage whenever someone decides to announce they are gay.  Recently there was that sports guy (Michael Sam) who’s father has been put under the broiler because he did not react well when his son texted him that he was gay.

Read full story … FoxNews

He (Michael) had something so important to say he had to tell the media, but decided to tell his Dad in a text?  Come on already, where’s all the gay pride or do you, like so many people, have Daddy issues?

What I am trying to say is that homosexuals are not different than heterosexuals except in the bedroom and if the same sex community wants to be taken seriously, quit flaunting your sexual preference and be the best at whatever job you are doing.

Quit drawing a line between us and shining a spotlight on your genitals because honestly we all look the same, we eat the same, we have the same hopes and dreams and yet you want to keep throwing yourselves in the public eye for your 15 minutes of fame.

Yahoo News just had a story covering the talk show host Ellen and what it was like for her when she made her announcement years ago; she had been concerned that her career in the entertainment industry would be over as soon as she did, and yet today she is considered one of the top tv hosts.

Not because she is gay but because of what type of person she is; kind, intelligent, sympathetic, and funny.  Being gay did not propel her into stardom, hard work and determination did.

Seriously, why does it have to be news just because someone is attracted to people of their own sex; I don’t get it.  Yes, I understand that there has been a great deal of hate, violence and discrimination towards homosexuals in the past and there are still areas where it remains and that is wrong, but by constantly making a spectacle or being made a spectacle is not doing anything to change that.

If the homosexual community wants to be taken seriously and accepted like “normal” people, than for god’s sake, act normal!  For years Hollywood has been introducing same sex characters into movie and television plots and they have become more daring in their efforts to boost the agenda with movies like Brokeback Mountain.

The Gay Pride parade in New York for years has been a total display of gross sexual imposition.  Why if the community wants to be accepted, do you allow such flamboyant and offensive displays like these represent you to the public?  Get some serious floats and outfits and show the world that you are the doctors we trust, the politicians we don’t, the grocer on the corner and the teacher in our schools.  You are the Average Joe and Jane; isn’t that what coming out is all about, don’t you want to be accepted the same as everyone else?

Maybe you really don’t, maybe you think you are special because you are different and that is why the media is called and there is still a big to-do when someone decides to tell the world that they prefer the same sex.  Maybe it is because the community still considers the road to acceptance as a movement of some kind.

It wasn’t that long ago that Sen. John McCain’s daughter, Meghan, said during a televised interview,

 ”Gay marriage and everything having to do with the gay rights movement (is) my generation’s civil rights issue.”

To compare the two issues is not only ludicrous, it trivializes the civil rights movement and points out the ignorance of the gay community.  The civil rights movement was great because it not only battled prejudice, it fought against a history of violence, segregation, limited opportunity and racial hatred based on skin color that do I need to add, is easy to spot where one’s sexual preference is not.

By the way, who decided that “gay” was a correct term for homosexuals?  If there are straight people and you are not straight wouldn’t you be crooked, slanted or twisted and why does gay refer not just to the community, but it seems to the men specifically since women are lesbians?

Can you not use the term homosexual or do you find it offensive and if so why, since it accurately describes your preference? Gay used to be mean being happy and it is difficult to use the term in this way anymore.

The same has happened to the rainbow, a symbol associated with and of importance to the Christian community; it is being used to identify the homosexual community and seems to have been taken simply as a way of spitting in the face of traditional religious beliefs and values.  Where was the originality when this decision was made or was it made consciously out of rebellion?

What’s next, will bisexuals and transgenders start making announcements declaring their sexual preference, or will they have to live in the shadow of the gay community and ride their coattails for any recognition or benefits.

Please, I am not a homophobe and I do feel that marriage should be recognized for any couple, regardless of sex who is willing to make a commitment to one another; that every married couple should be entitled to tax breaks, insurance coverage and half of each other’s property when they get divorced.

Just because I do not live the lifestyle and do not agree with it does not make me a homophobe, a hater or anything else.  It makes me a person with a different opinion so stop throwing me under the bus just because I am not all excited because you are gay and I’m not; I just don’t give a dam.

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