Illegal Immigrants Flood Bus Stations in Phoenix

by Dee | June 9, 2014 2:23 am

FOX NEWS – Illegal immigrants have been a problem for the US for the last several decades and the sheer number of illegals does not seem to be slowing down, despite government restrictions and attempts at solidifying the border.

In fact, according to the Counsel General of Guatemala, what is more distressing is the fact that parents from foreign countries are now sending their children across the border alone, some as young as 12.

Once identified as an illegal immigrant, they are rounded up and measures are taken to have them deported to their native country.  It is an expensive and often exhausting procedure that may take as long as several years.

In recent weeks, ICE has attempted to speed the process by bringing those undocumented immigrants from Mexico into Phoenix bus stations where they are but one bus ride away from crossing the border and being back in their home country.

Is there a way to stop illegal immigration? Probably not, but once they are in the country there needs to a  better way of deporting them.  In the meantime, volunteers like Cyndi Whitmore from the Phoenix Restoration Project will be at the bus stations handing out food, diapers, clothing and other supplies.

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