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Illegal Ivory Trade: Prince William Vows to Destroy ALL Ivory Artefacts in Buckingham Palace in Support of Condemning the Trade

Illegal Ivory Trade: Prince William Vows to Destroy ALL Ivory Artefacts in Buckingham Palace in Support of Condemning the Trade

ILLEGAL IVORY TRADE: PRINCE WILLIAM VOWS TO DESTROY ALL IVORY ARTEFACTS IN BUCKING PALACE IN SUPPORT OF CONDEMNING THE TRADE – Over the last few months Prince William has been both commended and condemned over the protection of wildlife.

There are those who condemn his action considering he is a keen hunter but those who condemn his passion often don’t consider that Prince William is also compassionate about conservation of animals and that those hunted and killed are done so in accordance with the law and often despatched humanely.

Of course such a statement is debatable but what we should focus on here is Prince William’s passion and ability to protect endangered species from the poachers.

When it comes to hunting elephants and rhinos for their tusks and horns poachers rarely consider the value of despatching an animal humanely; that is often they are shot, wounded and might suffer for days on end before succumbing to their injuries, it is then that the poachers hack off their tusks and horn unceremoniously in order to make an illicit profit.

It is quite frankly a disgusting and vile trade and those involved have no concern that one day there won’t be any ivory to be sourced. It is unquestionably about money and maybe it’s time the public insisted that Foreign Aid be withdrawn from any country in which the illegal ivory trade flourishes so as to force the respective Governments to take appropriate action.

We have seen many nations forming task forces to hunt down poachers but often they are ill-equipped, few in numbers and therefore unable to eradicate the problem.

Another step might be to make the trade of all ivory illegal and reduce its value to zero; if there was no value in such a product then there would be no sense in acquiring it.

According to Prince William there are some 1,200 ivory artefacts in Buckingham Palace and he now wants to send a message to the ivory trade by destroying all of them.

There are of course countless priceless objects including a throne from India which was presented to Queen Victoria; in addition there are statues, furniture items, fans, tankards and a plethora of other trinkets.

Prince William is hoping that if he goes ahead with the disposal of all items of ivory then other states would follow suit and by doing so collectively send a clear and unequivocal message to the illegal ivory trade that their product is no longer acceptable or viable in terms of profit.

Last Thursday Prince William joined his father Prince Charles and Prince Harry to a summit in London urging those in the industry to follow the money trail so that authorities could track down the gangs of poachers.

Historians and art experts are not overly keen on the idea of destroying priceless works of art and are at odds to see how the destruction of such artefacts would in fact help the plight of the endangered species currently at threat from ivory poachers.

Many people feel that such items should be preserved for historical and art purposes and simply stored away.

There is no question in my mind that Prince William, Prince Charles and Prince Harry have a duty to do all they can to stamp out the illegal ivory trade and if that does in fact mean destroying priceless works of art then so be it.

What we should consider is that for every item held in Buckingham Palace a precious animal’s life was lost as a result and there can be no price put upon the slaughter of such magnificent creatures.

The question remains as to whether we are willing to stand by and watch elephants and rhinos become extinct just to allow others to profit from such a trade or whether we want future generations to marvel at these majestic animals in the wild.

I for one will take the latter view for whilst the artefact may well be beautiful works of art they are nothing compared to the beauty of seeing an animal roam free and without fear from poachers.

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