Indonesia Executes Six Drug Traffickers

Indonesia Executes Six Drug Traffickers

An Indonesian firing squad has executed five foreigners and an Indonesian woman convicted on drug trafficking charges despite appeals to spare them, with the Jakarta government defending the action as necessary to combat the rising drug trade.

Four men from Brazil, Malawi, Nigeria and the Netherlands and the Indonesian woman were shot dead simultaneously in pairs just after midnight on Saturday, several miles from a high-security prison on Nusakambangan island.

The other woman from Vietnam was executed in Boyolali, according to a spokesman for the attorney general’s office, Tony Spontana. Both areas are in Central Java province.

Their bodies were brought from the island by ambulances early on Sunday either for burial or cremation, as requested by relatives and representatives of their embassies.

Source: The Guardian

The executions have caused international outrage and Amnesty International said the first executions under the new president, who took office in November, were “a retrograde step” for human rights.

According to a number of news articles each of the member states whose citizens were executed called upon President Joko Widodo for clemency; something that he denied stating that the death penalty will hopefully be seen as a deterrent.

We of course in the west have long determined that the death penalty is no deterrent for any type of crime however it does stop the perpetrator from ever being able to commit it a second time.

We often spare a thought for the criminals in the last moments; it must be an awful feeling knowing you are about to expire and never again see your friends, family and love ones and indeed the pain and anguish of those left behind will haunt them to the day they die.

But what about the victims of the drug traffickers and dealers?  Who will spare a thought for the misery that is ultimately bestowed upon them by those who peddle drugs?

We are fully aware that countless poor people are subjected to drug abuse and are often an easy target for the drug dealers … it’ worth considering what Indonesia’s attorney general, Muhammad Prasetyo, had to say about the issue …

“There is no excuse for drug dealers and hopefully this will have a deterrent effect.

What we do is merely aimed at protecting our nation from the danger of drugs.

Figures from the National Anti-Narcotic Agency showed 40 to 50 people died each day from drugs in Indonesia.”

So who cares about the 40 to 50 people that die each day if not the government; certainly those victims are merely a statistic for the drug dealers and they know that there will be plenty more where they came from.

I personally fully support Indonesia in their stance on imposing the death penalty; after all the traffickers and dealers have a choice and they know what the consequence are.

What we need to accept is that there are greater numbers of drug victims who die each day from the poison they peddle than there are traffickers and dealers who are put to death.

We have enough problems but in my view we now have five less.

You are welcome to express your opinions below.

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