Indonesian Woman Faces Caning Under Sharia Law for Having an Affair

by Editor | May 8, 2014 3:01 am

INDONESIAN WOMAN FACES CANING UNDER SHARIA LAW FOR HAVING AN AFFAIR – It is every Muslims dream in the UK to have Sharia Law imposed upon every citizen but once again the world witnesses the true barbarity of a law supported by a religious ideology.

According to the report an Indonesian woman, in Banda Aceh, was caught by no less than eight vigilantes after bursting into a house where a married man was having an affair with a woman.

As punishment for her crime the eight strong vigilante group gang raped her before dragging her to the nearest police station.

The woman later described the scene and told police officers that her companion was tied up and beaten whilst she was continuously raped by the gang.  After the ordeal, both were subjected to being doused with several buckets of raw sewage.

Local police stated that three of the vigilante group were immediately arrested and charged with rape but five of the assailants fled the scene.  As for the woman she now faces caning under strict Islamic law that a man or woman may not engage in any sexual activity unless married.

Regardless to her ordeal the authorities have stated that she and the man are still subjected to punishment under Sharia law but the fact that she was subjected to rape may be taken into consideration and a lesser punishment may therefore be ordered.

The standard penalty under Sharia law for anyone having a sexual relationship outside of marriage is nine strokes of the cane and it will be held in a public place.

One of the vigilante members is reported as being a 13 year old boy and once again those in the west are fully able to see the effects that such a barbaric religion has on such a young mind.

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