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Indonesian Zoo Condemned as Cruel and Barbaric

Indonesian Zoo Condemned as Cruel and Barbaric

INDONESIAN ZOO CONDEMNED AS CRUEL AND BARBARIC – Richard Shears is a seasoned journalist who reports for the Daily Mail.

In a recent assignment Richard was charged with traveling to Indonesia’s Surayaba Zoo after the Mail got a tip off that animals were condemned to the most horrific conditions to which some 50 animals have died this month alone.

What Richard was about to uncover was both disturbing and beyond anything imaginable.

Full story … Daily Mail - Warning you might find the contents of this article deeply disturbing.

Meebal.com says …

It is well documented that the rainforests of Indonesia are disappearing fast and with it its abundant wildlife.  With no forestry management appearing to be in place the loggers are indiscriminately laying waste to a once lush and fertile land.

Indonesia - Surayaba Zoo - Image 3

What really happens when they cut down the last tree and realise that their source of income has dried up?  The answer to that question lies within International Aid for they will present themselves to other nations and plead poverty and misfortune and humanity will no doubt hand over funds to ensure the nation doesn’t starve.

During this year there have been a number of instances where Orangutans have been driven from their natural habitat and subjected to the most heinous acts of cruelty and when you couple these acts with the deplorable state of the Surayaba Zoo it is clear to see that few people have any respect for the wildlife that co-exists with them.


Tormented Orangutan Rescued by Charity Workers

I find Zoos in general disturbing at the best of times, despite some zoos being world class facilities. In my mind it doesn’t matter how you dress up a zoo it remains an animal prison and one where animals are studied, prodded and poked not only for scientific reasons but primarily for public enjoyment.

We as a species, continuously bang on about how superior we are and in our superiority we have become a dignified and caring species – we label this humanitarian.  We do of course have reams of laws that protect mankind; after all you wouldn’t want to lock up a murderer and deprive that person of the right to family life… that of course is becoming the case with even more legislation created to protect an individual’s human rights.

Indonesia - Surayaba Zoo - Image 2

Conservation has long been the argument for the creation of Zoos and yet they primarily remain a place where people can be entertained by the animals that have been caged – yet we would never consider such a form of entertainment in respect of humans so why in this so-called ‘enlightened age’ do we allow it for animals.

It is nauseous that we talk of preservation, for we allow others to destroy the very thing we purport to hold so dear; life.

As a species we know that our time on this planet is limited; we will eventually get wiped out once Mother Nature has tired of us raping the natural world and destroying everything around us.

For now our own greed knows no bounds and we will continuously strive to claw every possible natural resource from the earth until there is nothing left.

As I reach into my senior years I no longer pray for mankind but rather for the millions of species we have wiped out, and continue to do so, in the name of man’s incessant greed.

Indonesia - Surayaba Zoo - Image 1

The article by Richard Shears is a prime example of just how little humanity there actually is in the world; for when you treat animals who clearly depend on our humanity in such a way, it is unmistakably evident that we have no right to laud mankind as a caring and considerate species.

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