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Insane Prank Leaves Woman Glued to Toilet Seat at the Home Depot

Insane Prank Leaves Woman Glued to Toilet Seat at the Home Depot

INSANE PRANK LEAVES WOMAN GLUED TO TOILET SEAT AT HOME DEPOT - From the title, you may have thought this article was going to be a humorous one, when it is in fact very serious indeed.

The video shows a Home Depot customer who found herself glued to a toilet seat being rescued by EMTs and then being interviewed in her home as she continues to recover from the injuries she sustained.  Her cries of agony as paramedics worked on her coupled with the apparent embarrassment of being in this type of situation caused me to cringe more than once.

The woman from Georgia is now one of several customers from around the country who have been hurt as the result of what the media is calling a prank, but should be deemed as “malicious with intent to do harm,” and the family of the Georgia woman have phrased their interviews in such a way that even though they did not come right out and say it, we are led to believe that they will be bringing a lawsuit against Home Depot.

Home Depot

Last year a woman shopper at WalMart found herself in a similar situation and currently a gentleman from Colorado is involved in a lawsuit against Home Depot following allegations that Home Depot employees were laughing as they heard his cries and did not check to see if he did in fact need help for several minutes.

Once paramedics arrived, they opted to free the man with the toilet seat still attached, and then transported him to the nearest hospital where it was removed by hospital staff.

The contention of his lawsuit is based on the negligence of the Home Depot employees, who waited 15 minutes before taking any rescue action.  He does not blame nor hold Home Depot responsible for the incident.

According to reports being released from the investigation surrounding the Georgia woman, it appears that Home Depot may have grounds to initiate their own lawsuit or counter-sue depending on who files first.

Glue had been found on the seats in every stall and according to surveillance footage there were no other persons in the restroom who visited more than one stall and an empty tube of the glue was found on the floor of the restroom during the rescue; bringing into question whether or not this Georgia woman committed the crime herself.

Most of us look at a toilet before sitting down, and one would think that there should have been some sign that the seat had been tampered with, and then there is the time factor itself; the adhesive used was Loctite-a type of super glue which is available in clear form and has differing bonding times ranging from within seconds to hours depending on which mix is chosen and how thickly it is applied.

Add the fact that a family member filmed and then shared the footage; I would never consider such an invasion of privacy even if it could lead to a lawsuit.  I would rather trust that the word of the paramedics and hospital staff plus any supporting evidence to be sufficient.

Talk about reckless endangerment, what if a child had come in to use the restroom in any of these cases?  It brings me to tears thinking of a little one being in this situation, scared and not knowing to sit still, struggling to get free no matter how much it hurts knowing that Mom or Dad is waiting for them.  If it is found that this woman perpetrated the crime in order to win free money, justice would only be served if she is punished for putting others at risk for bodily harm and mental stress.

What is this world coming to, when we as a society are willing to hurt ourselves in order to sue someone else hoping for a payout.  As imperative as it is to get this story out as a warning to the public, it is sure to spurn copycat incidents; for we live in a world where this looks like fun to people with a sick and twisted mind and a get-rich scheme to others.

Please, if nothing else comes of this story, it reinforces the need for each one of us to take a few minutes to check out a toilet seat and to make use of those paper seat covers or toilet paper to cover the seat before sitting down.  Most importantly, teach your children to do the same and share this story!!

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