Inside Saudi Arabia

INSIDE SAUDI ARABIA - Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen, one of the Saudi Royal family gives an open and honest account of how Saudi Arabia is changing in the wake of worldwide perceptions and criticisms of their customs, religion and way of life.

The video certainly does give one a closer look to their beliefs and the struggles they face in the ever growing distrust of Muslims from the Western world.

As Prince Saud bin Abdul Mohsen points out, change is happening but this change should be brought about by pressures from the outside but rather by the Saudi’s wanting to bring about change themselves. As the Prince points out, Saudi’s are not apologizing for their beliefs or their customs, we are after all different, and while some in the West are unable to understand or comprehend the customs, these have been going on for hundreds of years and therefore any change does take time.

We, in the West, often like to think that our way of life is better, but few fully realize that democracy is a painful transition for any country to make and has over the centuries been the catalyst for tyranny and bloodshed, something that the Saudi’s want to avoid at all costs within their country.

What we may see as draconian or even an infringement upon a person’s Human Rights, the Saudi’s view as centuries of tradition and religion that simply cannot be changed overnight or because of pressures from the West.

I hope you enjoy the video that I have shared here and does provide you with an alternative view other than that mainstream view of Muslims.

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