Iran Bans Buddha Statutes

Iran Bans Buddha Statutes

IRAN BANS BUDDHA STATUTES – It’s official you can no longer buy or own a statute of Buddha due to new laws introduced in Iran.  This law is an extension of the law banning the sale and ownership of Barbie Dolls and Homer Simpson paraphernalia.

It would of course be easy to think that this is somewhat of a ridiculous move; however Islamic Law clearly states that no human form should be moulded into an art form.

While Iran, and its people, are actually a very well educated and forward thinking people; much to the contradiction of the Western Media, they do allow the rights of other religions, such as Christianity.

Most people, in the West, will no doubt look at this move by the Iranian Government as slightly xenophobic as Buddhism is often viewed as a peaceful religion that conjures up images of Monks in saffron robes and chanting their spiritual incantations.  Unfortunately our perception of Buddhism is often very much mistaken.

Look closely at Thailand and Myanmar (Burma).  Both are Buddhist countries and yet have violent crime rates that would probably shock Genghis Khan.

Myanmar has featured a lot on the news lately as Buddhists are opening attacking and killing the Muslim Royhinga, who are fleeing the country in their thousands in order to escape the violence and persecution against them.  The Rohingya often set to sea, only to be faced by the Thai Navy and it wasn’t until 2007 that is was discovered that the Thai Government issued covert orders to stop these boats, disable their engines and push the Rohingya out to sea and their certain death.

Buddhism is not what we often perceive it to be, it does not promote the right to life as often viewed, it promotes a life that is cheap and not to worry about the sanctity of human life as reincarnation will simply being you back.

When you look at a country, such as Thailand, this becomes all so clear.  Thailand has a violent gun crime rate over 6 times higher than the United States and yet has a population of just 1/6th of the United States.  A Thai will think nothing of killing someone for their own personal gain, which is well documented especially when it involves a foreigner.

Thais, despite their so-called ‘Land of Smiles’ despise foreigners, which is often brought about by jealously due to the fact we are all perceived to be wealthy.

Maybe now you can appreciate why Iran does not want images of a deity that promotes violence, little understanding of others and that views a human life with no more reverence to that of a cockroach.

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