Iraq Attempts to Keep Militants Off Social Media

Iraq Attempts to Keep Militants Off Social Media

BBC – Alongside their efforts on the ground, Jihadist fighters in Iraq have waged a propaganda war on social media in the past few weeks, posting graphic images, promotional videos and updates of their campaign to overthrow the government.

Isis, the group at the heart of the insurgency, has even deployed an Android app that posts tweets automatically on users’ behalf (since removed), and co-ordinated hashtag campaigns to get its content trending on Twitter.

The Iraqi government responded by blocking social media sites and, in some provinces, barring access to the internet entirely.

But some of the most active Islamist social media accounts are still live, including those urging Muslims in other countries to join the struggle.

The three men featured in a recent Isis recruitment video, which was posted on YouTube but has since been removed, are all still on Twitter using military pseudonyms, the BBC believes.

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