Iraq War: ICC to Investigate British Soldiers Accused of War Crimes

by Editor | May 14, 2014 6:29 am

IRAQ WAR: ICC TO INVESTIGATE BRITISH SOLDIERS ACCUSED OF WAR CRIMES – An article in the Daily Mail today confirms that the International Criminal Court (ICC) is to investigate Britain over alleged offences of war crimes committed by troops during 2003 and 2008 in Iraq.

The public ought to first recognise that this is a rather unusual move by the ICC for the remit of The Hague is to prosecute dictators that systematically maim or kill civilians, so to target British troop is a highly unusual move; so what brought this about?

It once again comes down to Phil Shiner’s Public Interest Lawyers; a law firm which has continuously profited from suing the British Government by filing lawsuits on behalf of Iraqi clients that allege they were victims of abuse and torture.  Some of the claimants acted on behalf of dead relatives who accused British troops of murder.

According to a report compiled by Phil Shiner it outlines the atrocities perpetrated against Iraqi prisoners of war and after a preliminary examination of the document prosecutor Fatou Bensouda confirmed that she would review new information over an earlier investigation that was closed in 2006.

In a recent article it was revealed that some £23 million has been squandered on a public inquiry which determined that the evidence presented by Iraqi’s through Phil Shiner’s Public Interest Lawyers was wholly fabricated; that didn’t stop to Phil Shiner’s Public Interest Lawyers however from claiming millions of pounds in legal aid fees.


£23 Million Legal Bill for Iraqi Torture Claims that were Fabricated

With the Chilcot Inquiry still being suppressed by Tony Blair, despite his insistence that such an accusation is wholly unfounded, the Iraq War has cost Britain dearly.

It’s unlikely, in our view, that the Chilcot Inquiry will reveal the truth; there is already substantial evidence to suggest that George W. Bush and Tony Blair colluded to fabricate evidence that Saddam Hussein was stockpiling Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs).

There is a growing number of people who now sincerely believe that if anyone should stand trial for war crimes and indeed crimes against humanity it should be George W. Bush and Tony Blair.

However, as we have witnessed and will continue to do so, it is much easier to target the troops for they are almost defenceless and in the process not only is it likely they will be convicted but it inevitably paves the way for Phil Shiner to bring compensation claims for Iraqi victims that forces the taxpayer to continuously pay out compensation over a conflict that they were collectively against.

Any bill, in our view, should be given to both George W. Bush and Tony Blair; they have after all made millions on the backs of investments in arms manufacturing and vast numbers of private contracts that was handed out to rebuilt Iraq at the taxpayers expense on both sides of the Atlantic.

There is one interesting development here and one that may ultimately reveal the truth for if the ICC do allow a trial it will include not only British troops but also four former Labour defence secretaries – Geoff Hoon, John Reid, Des Browne and John Hutton – who are named in the file and called to be put on trial for war crimes.

Each of the former Labour defence secretaries have a clear insight into the legalities of the war and if they do know that the evidence was fabricated thereby resulting in an illegal incursion on a sovereign state then they might just reveal all in a plea bargain to save their own necks.

Regardless of whether the Iraq War was legal or not it doesn’t give British troops the right to abuse, torture or kill detainees and therefore any involved should be brought to justice; the public need to accept and put aside national pride in order for justice to prevail; we can hardly call ourselves a great nation of tolerant humanitarians if we attempted to in some way cover up any atrocities that have been alleged.

The Iraq War may well of technically ended in 2008 but for all intents and purposes Iraq hasn’t been liberated, it falls far short of having a democracy install and the country continues to be ravaged by violence and murder.

Legal or not, what George W. Bush and Tony Blair effectively sanctioned was a bloodbath and one that will continue for decades to come and in the process vilify the people of Britain and the United States of America.

We might think that the price has been paid in full with the amount of blood that has been spilled and yet we are far from seeing an end to the atrocities and the taxpayer will continue being financially raped as the like of Phil Shiner’s Public Interest Lawyers continue to dig out Iraqi nationals with an accusation of abuse so as to receive adequate financial compensation for their suffering.

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