Iraqi Militants Seize More Towns

Iraqi Militants Seize More Towns

BBC – Sunni militants say they have seized a strategically important border crossing and two towns along the Euphrates river in continued fighting in Iraq.

Officials admitted that the militants had seized the border crossing to Syria near the town of Qaim, killing 30 troops after a day-long battle.

Rebels also said they had taken the towns of Rawa and Aneh.

Correspondents say a campaign along the river may eventually lead to an assault on Baghdad from the west.

The capture of the Qaim crossing in western Iraq could help Isis transport weapons and other equipment to different battlefields, analysts say.

Sunni extremists have seized control of large areas of territory across Iraq in recent days.

They claim to have seized parts of Iraq’s largest oil refinery, at Baiji, and have also taken a disused chemical weapons factory in Muthanna, 70km (45 miles) north-west of Baghdad.

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