Is Ed Miliband Really Capable of Running Britain?

by Editor | May 13, 2014 3:24 am

IS ED MILIBAND REALLY CAPABLE OF RUNNING BRITAIN? – According to an article in the Daily Mail today the popularity of Labour policies is being undermined by the fact just a quarter of voters think Ed Miliband is up to the job of being Prime Minister.

It’s a damning poll for the man who feels Britain would be far better off economically under a Marxist regime.

In our view this is a little disturbing because it would appear that whilst the public agree with a number of his policies, such as freezing energy bills and renationalising the railways, they won’t vote for him because of his image.

Well let’s ask the question… how well did ‘Call me Dave’ perform?  Granted he wasn’t actually elected and came to power on the back of signing a pact with Nick Clegg but it doesn’t alter the fact that people like their politicians to ‘appear’ competent and Ed Miliband, in the public’s eyes, is severely lacking in that department.

Let’s assume Ed Miliband does get the keys to No.10; what could the public expect?  For a starter he feels the socialist policies of the French are the right way to take Britain forward.

Yes despite the fact that Francios Hollande ramped up tax to 75% for the wealthy which resulted in an exodus of money and a stagnating economy, Ed Miliband thinks it’s a sterling idea.

We already know that reducing taxation for the rich increases foreign investment and with a drop from 50p to 45p top tax rate introduced by George Osborne it resulted in an additional £9 billion flowing into the Treasury.

Take the socialist path if you must but look at any country that has supported such a political ideology for long periods of time and you will find a country in economic ruin.  Look carefully at the staunch communist regime in China; even they are changing to a capitalist society because socialism stifles growth and leads eventually to abject poverty… yes the Chinese Government didn’t want to end up like the old USSR.

The next question you should ask is… ‘Who is actually running the Labour Party?’  It certainly isn’t Ed Miliband and it never will be as long as the vast majority of financial funding comes from the likes of Unite Union.

It is almost a certainty that if Ed Miliband comes to power Len McCluskey will insist upon installing his own desk right next to Ed’s so that he is able to control every policy. In effect the taxpayer will be held to ransom by the militant unions.

Next on the agenda has to be Britain’s involvement in the European Union.  With mass public sentiment now calling for an EU referendum it’s perfectly clear that the taxpaying public are sick to the back teeth of the EU controlling every aspect of their lives.

Unfortunately, under a Labour Government, the public will be denied their democratic right of voting on Britain’s EU membership for Ed Miliband has made his position crystal clear in that he will not allow an EU referendum to be called.

Does the public really have such a short memory?  Look back to 1976 when the then Labour Prime Minister James Callaghan bankrupted Britain due to its socialist policies; if Ed Miliband comes to power its almost certain that Britain’s national debt will escalate to a point where it could tip Britain over the fiscal edge , subject the people to abject poverty and condemn Britain to the same fate as Greece and Spain.

Again, cast your minds back to the last Labour Government for under Gordon Brown, Ed Miliband was the Energy Secretary and not once did he make moves to freeze energy prices;  in fact he never took any measures to help reduce the cost of energy.

If he couldn’t do it then what makes you think he can or would take such measures if elected to No.10 in 2015?

Ed Miliband also wants to renationalise the railways.  Yes, our national railway system is in one hell of a mess but nationalising it won’t make it any better; in fact look at any nationalised institute in Britain and you will see a wholly wasteful and mismanaged entity that is forever on the brink of financial ruin… the NHS is just one example.

Ed Miliband is a staunch Marxist and yet he can afford to be.  His wealth will ultimately protect him from the woes he will inflict upon the British taxpayer.

Under a democracy Ed Miliband has the right to support whatever political ideology he likes and as a pure democrat I would defend his right to do so until the death but actions speak louder than mere words.

If Ed Miliband so passionately believes in Marxism then why doesn’t he liquidate his investment portfolio and other assets and then, under the principals of Marxism, spread the wealth?

Again, talking the talk and walking the walk is something a politician is well adept at doing in the first instance and avoiding in the second.

When it comes to politics in Britain it’s about time the public woke up and examined a few facts before casting a vote on the ‘persona’ of a leader.  There is not one political party that has all the answers and certainly Ed Miliband has a few good ideas but in the mainstream his policies could well bankrupt Britain.

Note carefully that I have not attempted to play up David Cameron’s ability to run Britain; in reality I see no difference between David Cameron, Ed Miliband or Nick Clegg and certainly I’m not the only one for this is one of the core reasons why UKIP is now gaining such widespread support.

The truth is that we have tried Labour, Tory and Liberal Democrat and the results have plunged Britain into poverty, saddled it with a mountain of debt and in the process handed over the keys to the front door to the European Union.

At this point I still wouldn’t vote UKIP for unless I have 100% conviction that a political party will concede to the principles of an open democratic system of government then I refuse to be part of installing to power a government that will continue to deny me or the public a voice.

Maybe UKIP is different but until I have an assurance from Mr. Farage then I’ll abstain for it is better to abstain than to sell out your principles just for the sake of forming a government that will ultimately ignore your views.

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