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Is Edward Snowden a Government Plant?

Is Edward Snowden a Government Plant?

IS EDWARD SNOWDEN A GOVERNMENT PLANT? – Edward Snowden is undoubtedly one of the world’s most famous whistleblowers after releasing a vast amount of U.S Government secrets.

Edward Snowden has been labelled a martyr for freedom of speech, a liberator of the truth and indeed in some quarters a traitor.

The question being asked by some is whether Edward Snowden is simply a Government plant who has merely been manufactured by opposing Government factions in the war being waged between the NSA and CIA.

In the video above reporter Jon Rappoport, the author of The Matrix Revealed and Exit From The Matrix, a onetime candidate for a U.S Congressional seat and a Pulitzer Prize nominee for his work as an investigative reporter writing articles ranging from politics to health, gives his views on Edward Snowden and the U.S Intelligence services in an interview with Sean Stone from Buzzsaw.

Mr. Rappoport’s revelations might have some considering that this is yet another crackpot conspiracy theory but certainly Mr. Rappoport holds some compelling theories that should be considered, explored and finely examined.

According to Mr. Rappoport Edward Snowden is little more than an Illuminati puppet for yet another under cover faction of the Government’s intelligence matrix and that the media have long been fed a lie by Government in order to cover up what really goes on within the U.S security services.

Like it or not Mr. Rappoport provides an interesting and credible twist to the Edward Snowden affair but whatever you believe or whatever transpires, it is likely that the public will never truly have access to the entire and unequivocal truth.

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