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Is English Becoming the Second Language in British Schools?

Is English Becoming the Second Language in British Schools?

IS ENGLISH BECOMING THE SECOND LANGUAGE IN BRITISH SCHOOLS? – According to analysis of data by the Daily Telegraph provided by the Department of Education the majority of children speaking English as their first language is not prevalent in over one in nine schools.

The Daily Telegraph report listed a total of 1,755 primary and secondary schools in the UK where over 50% of the students spoke a language other than English as their first language.

In some schools the situation is taken to the extreme with over 200 schools detailing that 90% of the students were having to learn English as a second language. It also uncovered that many primary children were starting school without even a basic knowledge of the English language having never spoken the language at home.

Government statistics now reveal that some 1.1 million students speak English as a second language; a rise of more than one fifth in just 5 years.

Of all the regions in the UK the report states that London has the largest proportion of residents who were born outside of the UK, however London doesn’t come in the top position of students failing to speak English as a first language.

The data revealed that Sacred Heart Primary School in Sandwell, West Midlands has a staggering 99% of students that do not have English as their primary language and of these none speak English at home due to parents being unable to do so.

Of the top 10 schools suffering from such a divided only two are in London with others being located in Luton, Rochdale and West Yorkshire.

You might be thinking that teaching these children is somewhat difficult and yet according to Ofsted each of the schools listed have a rating of either good or outstanding.

A number of schools have stated that they have had to enlist a number of interpreters to help during parents’ meeting as very few speak any English.

“It’s time for a national debate about the impact of social cohesion in Britain today. I want to make sure that we create first and second generation Britons.” Douglas Carswell, a backbench Tory MP

The remark by Mr. Carswell once again drags the issue of social cohesion kicking and screaming into the daylight.

The British public is continuously fed the lie, under Labour and Liberal indoctrination, that we live in a cohesive multicultural society and yet the barriers of religion, culture and language are cavernous; leading many to suspect that Britain is almost tribal in that communities have become highly segregated.

Last month a case arose where a number of people were caught defrauding the benefits system; nothing unusual there you might think and yet one of the perpetrators was a Pakistani who had been living in the UK for over 40 years but was reported as not speaking a single word of English; at least that’s what he told the courts.

It’s not surprising that the British public are somewhat irate at this latest revelation; one reader on the Daily Mail commented…

“Absolutely disgusting…… And then they say our children are falling behind other countries… well yes! Because the teachers have to spend most of their time catching up the kids that don’t speak English so OUR kids don’t progress!”

Does the reader have a point?  Are our teachers being forced under the liberal indoctrination that more focus must be placed upon children who don’t speak adequate English in order to help form the utopia of a multicultural Britain?

The blame for this situation can be laid squarely on the doorstep of Labour for it was of course their insistence that Britain remove all barriers to entry and such was put into law with Labour’s Borders Act 2004, back up with our inability to deport anyone with the Human Rights Act 1998.

With further interference from the European Union and notably the European Convention on Human Rights, it appears that Britain has painted itself into a corner with many British people now believing the UK has become overrun due to an immigration system that has no control on the numbers of migrants that enter.

Such a situation can be improved but it will require a complete rethink of our tolerance and whether we are prepared to allow Britain to become a non-entity in terms of identity; which is what Labour, the liberal left-wing and the EU want.

To make a change would require Britain to scrap the Human Rights Act and the Border Act. After that Britain would then need to pull out of both the European Union and the European Convention on Human Rights.

Despite all we hear it is of course essential that Britain is able to attract migrants, and for a number of reasons, including the fact that Britain effectively needs to replenish the dwindling work force to offset an aging population.

However what Britain needs is proper control so that we can ensure that those entering are educated, highly skilled and are willing to work and integrate by adopting British culture.

What will Britain be like in the next 10 or 20 years?  Will English be the primary language?  Many feel at the rate migrants are entering such a notion is highly debatable.

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