Is It Time to Systematically Deport Muslims Who Will Not Abide by British Law?

Is It Time to Systematically Deport Muslims Who Will Not Abide by British Law?

IS IT TIME TO SYSTEMATICALLY DEPORT MUSLIMS WHO WILL NOT ABIDE BY BRITISH LAW?  It is no secret that many Muslims in the UK actually despise the UK Citizens, often branding us animals, unholy and pigs.  It is also no secret that in certain parts and areas of the UK that there are signs warning people that they are now entering a Muslim Area that is under Sharia Law.

Considering these would it really come as a shock to discover that a group of hooded Muslims is patrolling parts of the London defiling advertisement, that they consider an offense to God, and furthermore stopping people telling them not to carry alcohol in a Muslim Area and even approaching women and ordering them to cover up as they consider it also an offense against God.

Mohammed Shafiq, the chief executive of the Ramadhan Foundation, a Muslim organisation which campaigns for a peaceful co-existence among communities, has condemned the group’s behaviour.

He said: ‘We live in the UK and we are governed by UK law, there should be no mob rule. If people are involved in this behaviour then it is worrying but it is an isolated incident.’

The United Kingdom over that last few decades has either welcomed immigrants or been forced to accept them under EU Legislation.  In the process many immigrants have entered the UK and happily lived off the backs of the UK Taxpayer, never having worked and never having the intention of doing so.

With all the generosity of the UK public what have we received in return? Praise, thanks, admiration or even gratefulness?  It would appear that none of these are evident and what should be shown by the immigrants is sadly replaced with their belief that it is the UK Citizens who should change their ways in order to fit in with their Islamic lifestyle.

It is disturbing to think, if this video is indeed real, that anyone, regardless of their race or religious beliefs, should be allowed to walk the streets and intimidate others.

There are those who believe that the video is a fake and is designed by ultra right-wing groups in order to incite violence against Muslim communities, and consider the tactics often used by these groups it is not unreasonable to think this could in fact be the case in this instance.

There is no denying, I have seen it with my own eyes that many Muslims would like to see the demise of the British people, you only had to witness the Muslim Demonstration March in London last year, which clearly incited violence and terrorism against the people of the UK, to appreciate that.

What was, in my mind, extremely disturbing, was the fact that such a demonstration was allowed to take place, because as others pointed out, if the ultra right-wing groups had engaged in a similar demonstration it would have been disbanded by the police and no doubt a number of arrests would have resulted.

On that point, do the ultra right-wing groups have a point?  Many believe that the Muslim community and its leaders are secretly plotting against us. We have indeed witnessed a number of terrorist attacks in the UK by Muslim terrorists to clearly understand that not all Muslims are as peaceful as they make out to be.

We do like to consider ourselves as a tolerant nation, we have to be with the growing number of nationalities now living within the UK, but should we, as a nation, have to put up with intolerance from the growing Muslim population?  Is it not time to change the laws so that these people can be deported?  Is deportation really that bad?

Could we not take the sensible view that deportation cannot be detrimental to the Human Rights as it is clear that they do not like our culture and our religious beliefs and therefore, their Human Rights would be better served if they were deported to a country more attune to their beliefs and style of living?  How could this be an abuse of their Human Rights?

The truth is, for many of these so-called righteous Muslims, they live happily on the hard work and sweat of the average British Taxpayer and therefore, while they despise us, they have not the self-respect to leave as this would often mean living a life of poverty in a Muslim country and would in fact have to work to support themselves and their burgeoning family.

I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, just to make things crystal clear – I have a number of very close friends who are Muslim.  All are hard working taxpaying citizens and all agree with my views. Nobody has forced these people to come to the UK, nor do we persecute them for their beliefs and even when we are attacked we still show remarkable restraint and tolerance.

As the UK accepts more and more immigrants, many of whom despise us and our ways, it will come to a breaking point and this will always result in violence as the government refuses to change the laws so that people who do despise us can be deported.  It is time to take a tougher stance legally before the British public finally snaps which could lead to untold violence, not just towards those who do despise us but too many innocent, law abiding Muslims, across the UK.

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  • Donna Wozny

    I think this video is real, and was done to “test the waters.” As you said there have been incidents prior to this and the group is seeking more ground within your country. Deporting? It does seem the only answer, but I don’t like the implications and scrutiny it would create for the hundreds of Muslims who are living peaceably within your borders. As a country, there is an obligation to protect your citizens and your standards of living. Just like the “sponges” living off the system they do need to go but creating and passing legislation will be an ordeal.

    • meebal

      The article itself has some good points, however you are right, Blanket Deportation should not be allowed nor even considered. What could work is that any Muslim caught engaging in Anti-British propaganda or trying to impose Islamic Law, should be deported.

      There is a growing feeling in the UK that the Muslims are getting out of control – just imagine a Brit trying to hold Anti-Islamic demonstrations in Saudi Arabia, how far do you think they would get. If it is not allowed in Islamic Countries it shouldn’t be allowed in the UK or other Western countries.

      The attitude is that if you don’t like the way we live the leave.

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