Is Jeremy Clarkson Really a Racist?

by Editor | May 8, 2014 5:22 am

IS JEREMY CLARKSON REALLY A RACIST? – Yes, poor old Jeremy Clarkson really is being dragged through the mud over his latest alleged racist remark, where he reportedly used the word nigger.

In the video below, Jeremy Clarkson offers an apology and explains the accusation of his perceived racist remark.

Gasp, shock and horror… we actually used the word nigger instead of doing what the mainstream press engage in; that being using the so-called less offensive version; such as the ‘n word’.

We don’t know how any black person could be offended by such a word for they use it prolifically when greeting one another and it doesn’t matter what urban reality movie you happen to watch, the word ‘nigger’ again trips off the tongue without the slightest sense of anyone being offended.

Not once, in all my years of going to the cinema have I ever witnessed any black person stand up and walk out of a movie when one or more actors have used the word; no, it appears that the only one’s truly offended are the progressive liberal politically correct brigade.

Today in the Daily Mail one of its columnists, Stephen Glover wrote an article defending Jeremy Clarkson and of all the synopsis I have read on this subject I think Stephen Glover covers the issue with compassion and clearly shows that Jeremy Clarkson is no more likely to be a racist than I am of being an astronaut.

Due to the accusations from the progressive liberal politically correct brigade, Jeremy Clarkson has been told by Tony Hall, the BBC Director General, that this is his last chance; that is the next time he’s accused of being a racists the BBC will sack him on the spot.

If such a thing occurs then BBC can kiss goodbye to one of its most lucrative programmes, Top Gear; for it’s almost a certainty that without Jeremy the show wouldn’t survive.

As Stephen Glover pointed out, Top Gear has a worldwide audience of around 350 million and they continue to tune in despite Jeremy Clarkson being accused of racism; which leads me to suspect that the only ones who appear offended are the progressive liberal politically correct brigade, for surely if his remarks were that offensive such a vast number people wouldn’t tune in.

In the video below, Pat Condell has a few things to say about the progressive liberal politically correct brigade and it’s well worth watching so that you get a true perspective of just how dangerous such a political ideology is within a so-called democracy.

Jeremy Clarkson may well have been hauled over the coals yet again but it is crystal clear that it is only the progressive liberal politically correct brigade that truly appears offended.

To date I’ve penned a few articles on this particular issue and yet not one person, and there’s been a few thousand who have read these, have once condemned me or for publishing the word ‘nigger’.

It is after all just a word and if you’re shallow enough to let it cause offense then we at would suggest you never watch another movie, unless it’s produced by Disney and refrain from going out, for it’s likely you’ll hear the word over and over again and never more so by those which society contends that it offends.

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