Is Religion the True Root of All Evil?

A recent article by Professor Richard Dawkins expresses that religion is akin to child abuse. Here we ask Is Religion the True Root of All Evil?

Professor Richard Dawkins

IS RELIGION THE TRUE ROOT OF ALL EVIL? - Many of you may not be aware of the eminent Professor Richard Dawkins, however if you want a little enlightenment, a view of open opinion or you simply like the truth to be told without its usual politically correct coating of sugar, then this is one man that you may find more than interesting as he openly airs his educated opinions that allows us to see a side that is often shied away from.

Religion, regardless of what faith it is, be it Catholic, Jewish, Islamic, Protestant or indeed any other of the multitude of faiths out there, is a touchy subject for most and in extreme cases, such as defiling the Prophet Mohammed, can lead to violent or even death.

“Last night politicians and charities condemned the former Oxford professor’s views as attention-seeking and unhelpful.” Daily Mail

Professor Dawkins is a well known atheist and while being bought up as a Catholic he often refers to those years as the worst type of child abuse imaginable.

Now I don’t personally know Professor Dawkins but I am sure, considering his often controversial views and opinions on religion, that he may have found the above quote from the politicians and charities, a little more than irksome, however what many people fail to understand is that without people like Professor Dawkins we would all be fed the same information without any chance for open dialogue.

We all have differing opinion and views, and while we may disagree with one another, we should at least respect and open our minds to these views and opinions.

I have been told by a woman that while being abused by a priest was a ‘yucky’ experience, being told as a child that a Protestant friend who died would ‘roast in Hell’ was more distressing. Professor Richard Dawkins

Now that we have that out of the way I would like to look at both sides of religion and determine if the world we live in is not in fact the root of all evil.  Before I begin I would like to point out that do NOT favour any particular religion – for me they are all fundamentally the same, that is if you believe, you are faithful, you will go to another place that is, as some refer to it, as utopia – Heaven, Paradise, it has a number of names.

The Catholic Church - How many people has it murdered over the centuries?

The atrocities that the Catholic Church has been responsible for over the centuries is staggering.  In modern times the abuse by the Church has not changed, it is still heavily involved in armed conflicts around the world and closer to home we continue to hear stories of priests abusing children.

Looking back over the centuries the Catholic Church has literally murdered millions of people, and all in the name of God.  Look back at the Holy Wars against the Muslims, the burning of women, the manipulation of governments and financial institutes.  If there was a God do you really think the course of actions taken by the Catholic Church over the centuries was part of his master plan?

Now I’ve heard the argument that these are things of the past, but are they?  Money is always referred to as ‘The Root of All Evil’ and yet on every banknote and coin in the U.S the words are clearly printed… “In God We Trust”.

You might also like to consider that the Catholic Church is also one of the wealthiest institutions in the world and yet countries such as the Philippines, where most people are predominantly Catholic, are poor and uneducated.  If the Catholic Church was so interested in helping those, as the bible clearly teaches, then why with all its vast reserves of cash does it not step in and help.

The truth here is that it is very difficult to manipulate the uneducated and ignorant and so the Catholic Church simply goes about its business of manipulation and suppression in order to keep control.  It is amazing how you can manipulate millions of people around the world into giving into a system as corrupted, murderous and manipulative as the Catholic Church.

Let’s take a step back for a moment – who initiated the problems we see today with Islamic Extremists?  Well that would be the Catholic Church.  While the atrocities of 9/11 and other terrorist attack can never be justified, have you ever thought to look back at how many Muslims were slaughtered during the Holy Wars?  Barbaric?  Yes it certainly was and this was all carried out on the order of the Catholic Church and ordained by God.

When it comes to the Muslim Faith, Islam, this often promotes terror in the hearts of most western civilizations as we now perceive this to be pure evil.  However, the terrorist activities are not undertaken by those who practice the faith seriously but are a minority who has decided to interpret the Koran for their own gains – it’s a bit like the Catholic Church using the Bible in exactly the same way, although the practice is not undertaken by the minority.

I have a number of friends who are devout Muslims and they assure me that nowhere in the Koran does it promote killing of the infidel – in fact there is no such word in the Koran. The Koran dictates we are all God’s children and anyone taking a life is condemned to hell.

The Holy Bible has exactly the take and we know this as one of the Ten Commandments – “Thou Shall Not Kill”, but has this fundamental pillar of the Holy Bible ever stopped the Catholic Church from killing millions of people?  The answer is NO and in fact over the centuries nearly all armed conflicts can be attributed to the Church and often simply for its own financial gain.

Does it matter what religion you follow - is not the principle all the same?

Religion – Is it not all the same?

I have no faith – well at least not in any form of religion that man has written.  The Bible itself is merely a literary piece by man in order to manipulate the masses and it has work supremely over the centuries and even continues to do so today.

Many people are of the opinion that Jesus was not the Son of God, but merely a man with a message of peace and understanding that was taken by a few and formed into a weapon to control and it has to be said that this weapon, even in our so called enlightened state of mind today, is still used to great effect today and no doubt will continue to do so.

So, is religion the true root of all evil?  It has, and continues to be, the main cause of poverty, ignorance, fear and of course war in modern society and while religions, around the world continue to have so much power in government the atrocities caused by religion will continue to exist.

Do you think that we can live without religion?  Do you think the world would be a better place if religion was outlawed?

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