Is the EDL Really a Fascists and Racists Organisation the Left-Wing Suggests?

by Editor | April 30, 2014 5:54 am

IS THE EDL REALLY A FASCIST AND RACIST ORGANISATION THE LEFT-WING SUGGESTS? – Mention the words ‘English Defence League’ or its abbreviated name EDL and it’s likely you’ll get some very scornful looks from those around you.

The EDL of course is widely considered as an organisation of fascists, racists and thugs but of course you need to carefully examine who peddles such information.

The vilification comes directly from the left-wing and those in Government for these are the people that don’t want you to have access to the truth for the truth would unquestionably fuel religious sensitivity and as such violence often follows.

Before you dismiss any notion that the EDL might have a political point to make, and one that doesn’t involve fascism, racism or acts of violence, have you ever visited the EDL website?

The chance are you haven’t and it’s because you have been told for so long that the EDL is fundamentally a white supremacist organisation that would like nothing more than to see every non-white person removed from Britain.

I can assure you however that nothing could be further from the truth which is what the left-wing or indeed most Government officials don’t want you to believe.

Visiting the EDL website[1] and form your own opinion; don’t allow others to form it for you for that is the purest form of fascism you will ever be subjected to.

At we are not alone in thinking that the EDL is not an organisation wholly made up of fascists, racists or thugs; in fact many people who have read and absorbed the information they provide have often come to the conclusion that they are merely an organisation which wants to put an end to Islamic extremists being allowed to openly murder innocent men, women and children; as they did in the case of the 2005 7/7 London Bombings and when they brutally took the life of Lee Rigby.

In the video below Pat Condell talks about the EDL and what he has discovered; it will for many be a revelation, a light that shines brightly on the truth; for others it will merely be a far-right fascist and racists rant… you decide.

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