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Petition: Ban Halal Slaughter of Animals in Britain

Support our petition to ban Halal slaughter in Britain. The practice of slaughtering animals for religious purposes is both draconian and barbaric and it is only ‘religious sensitivity’ from our politicians that has prevent Halal meat from being banned.

Petition to Call on David Cameron to Sack Culture Secretary Maria Miller

Sack Culture Secretary Maria Miller – This petition is to call upon the Prime Minister, David Cameron, to dismissed Maria Miller over her mortgage expenses scandal.

EU Moves to End Net Neutrality

The EU is now making moves, through a new directive, that would effectively quash net neutrality. Net neutrality covers three core principles which allows the internet to remain free and open. Destroying net neutrality will deny you your democratic rights to access free and open information. Don’t let this happen.

Petition: Ban Islam in Britain

Petition to ban Islam in Britain. It’s time for peace and the only way to achieve peace is to remove ideologies that promote murder. Here we call for support on banning Islam in Britain.

Petition: Should the BBC Lose its Royal Charter?

Should the BBC lose it’s Royal Charter so that it can no longer force TV viewers into paying a licence fee? If you feel this is the case then sign our petition.

American Deported for Having Cancer

American Deported for Having Cancer… yes the headline is correct and in our view questions the UK’s humanity; or least the humanity of those in Government.

Is the Queen Wasting the Taxpayers Money?

IS THE QUEEN WASTING THE TAXPAYERS MONEY? – A public enquiry is to be held whereby the Queen’s Royal Aides will be grilled by MP’s over the amount of public money the Queen receives each year in order to carry out her royal duties.

60 years on the Throne, Her Majesty has pretty much seen it all

I have to admit that each time this subject raises its head I have a mixture of feelings, everything from rage, disbelief and humour.

For starter how many of these MP’s, that will be involved in this inquisition, is squeaky clean?  How many of these thieving and lying ignoramuses could even come anywhere close to the integrity of Her Majesty.

I am sure, after 60 years on the Throne, Her Majesty has pretty much seen it all and I am sure she is more than capable of understanding that is this just another dig at her reign and another way of simply distracting the public from the gross misconduct, theft and corruption that our MP’s are involved in on a daily basis.

While MP’s try to crucify the Queen for the amount of public money used each year for the upkeep of the Monarchy, there appears to be little debate about what the Queen actually does for the country.

Take your average thief, I mean MP, it’s the same thing.  Do you know, according to my research, that he or she only works on average 50 days a year for the public?  That is actually sitting in Parliament and working for the public.

The Queen, last year had 325 Royal engagements in 2012 – that over 6 times the amount of work that any MP does.  Each Royal engagement is specifically designed to boost the image and trade of the United Kingdom and all this from a lady who is 86 years of age.

Did you know that the average MP earns 3 times the average national earnings?  Not bad considering their lazy backsides is required to sit in Parliament for 80 days of the year and yet most tend Parliament only 50 times a year.

It enrages me to think that MP’s are once again using the Queen as a smoke screen in order to hide their own shameful over-spending.

I am not suggesting for one moment that the taxpayers money to fund the Monarch’s duties should not be accountable to the public – they should, but what I find offensive is the fact that every year the MP’s make such a big deal about it, while all the time they have their sticky fingers in public purse, from charging exorbitant expenses for trivial matter, right the way through having a chauffeured car just to take them 100 yards from their office to No.10 Downing Street.

Her Majesty works tirelessly for the United Kingdom and it’s about time the British people and certainly our MP’s started showing Her Majesty more respect for the vital role she plays for the economy and well-being of the United Kingdom.

Her Majesty works tirelessly for the United Kingdom and it’s about time the British people and certainly our MP’s started showing Her Majesty more respect for the vital role she plays for the economy and wellbeing of the United Kingdom.

Queen Elizabeth II

What would we have without a Monarchy?  A George W Bush style republic?  No thank you, I’ll stick with the Monarch and the Royals than you very much.  Over the last 50 years, with the rise of socialism and liberal interference we have gone from a proud and prosperous nation and the only thing we have left to call Britain home is our Monarch.

I know, over the years the Queen has made some errors, well who hasn’t, and certainly you would not find one MP with more moral fortitude than a common dung beetle, although that is a rather cruel dispersion on the character of a dung beetle.

OK, I’m ranting, but I’m angry at the way our MP’s attack the Queen for the amount of money it cost, but the truth is the Queen bring in far more foreign investment through her overseas public engagements than any MP could ever possibly wish to achieve.

Remember while you are putting your feet up with a nice cup of tea consider the amount of times our MP’s jaunt off on holidays, often at the taxpayers’ expense.  Now consider the Queen, what does she get?  A few days at Balmoral each year and even then the paperwork from Parliament never stops rolling in.  Our Queen works tirelessly for Britain and works 365 days a year, something that none of those sleazy, good-for-nothing, lazy, conniving, thieving and corrupt MP’s is ever capable of doing.

God Save the Queen

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