Is this the Greatest Speech for Liberty Ever Given?

by Editor | May 13, 2014 5:38 am

IS THIS THE GREATEST SPEECH FOR LIBERTY EVER GIVEN? – Mention the name Charlie Chaplin and most will conjure up the image of a clown, a man that made millions laugh with his antics on the silver screen.

Yes, it was Charlie Chaplin’s bread and butter and one that made him famous throughout the world but in one performance he gave what is considered by many to be the greatest ever speech on the issues of humanity and liberty.

I am sure what you have just witnessed will resonate with you and give you pause for thought; it is ideologically beautiful but as we have come to learn; mankind, despite the great feats he is capable of, often turns to violence as a solution to a problem.

Such of course has never truly created profound change and yet mankind continue to march along the same path.  It is little wonder why so many now have so little hope for the future of mankind.

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