ISIS Burns Hostage Alive

ISIS Burns Hostage Alive

Even by the Islamic State’s barbaric standards, the terror group’s latest execution video has reached a truly depraved new low.

The footage appears to show Jordanian pilot Moaz al-Kasasbeh being burnt alive in scenes that are far too shocking to even consider publishing.

As with previous beheading videos featuring British executioner Jihadi John, the 20-minute-long clip is characterised by its slick production values and graphics.

But unlike the others, it contains an added cinematic dimension clearly designed to achieve unparalleled impact on the viewer – as if the horror of burning alive wasn’t enough.

ISIS blames the F-16 fighter pilot for burning houses – and killing babies – with airstrikes before he was captured in December.

The manner of his death is a symbolic show of strength to strike terror into ‘non-believers’ and encourage recruits or doubters within their ranks in equal measure.

Source: Daily Mail

The Daily Mail’s opening line is somewhat misguided … the Islamic religion in the eyes of the extremists frankly have no standards and the world has just witnessed the religions true meaning … to rule by fear at any cost.

“It was just as repulsive and sickening as I feared it would be. Truly the worst thing I have ever had to witness, and as a journalist for 30 years I’ve seen a lot of unpleasant things.

But I’m actually glad I watched it.” Piers Morgan – Read more

I’m sure many people might find that statement by Piers a little disturbing; especially the last sentence but he’s right … to fully understand something it must be witnessed and the world has just witnessed just how barbaric the religion of Islam is and how they will go to any lengths to place fear into the hearts of others.

The world and most importantly the politicians, refuse to accept that Islam has no word for peace, integrity or morals and the longer this barbaric religion is allow to fester in this world the more deaths it will cause.

It’s time the west united in its stance to wipe out Islam and it should start at home by demolishing every Mosque and declaring that no more shall we live in fear of those supporting such a vile religion … it should be made illegal to practice it anywhere.

Those Muslims living in the west are free to leave if they find such a move offensive but I doubt any righteous person would find it so when you consider the atrocity that has just occurred and the knowledge that this will continue until measurable efforts are made to end the madness.

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