Islam Shoved Down Your Throat

by Editor | May 3, 2014 5:51 am

ISLAM SHOVED DOWN YOUR THROAT – Multiculturalism, diversity and tolerance; all words sugar coated with a poison centre when it comes to appeasing the growing Islamic community, according to Pat Condell.

Now that you’ve taken the time out to view the video above would you disagree with anything Pat has had to say?

He’s right in our view on every aspect he covers in his video for we are being forced to accept a wholly undemocratic and barbaric religion for the sake of peace for we have witnessed the atrocities that Muslims will openly perpetrate if they feel offended.

Earlier today we published an article which posed the question as to whether Islam should be outlawed in Britain due to the Islamic rule of apostasy for such goes against every democratic principle we in the west hold most sacred.

In the video above Pat also brings up the subject of Halal produced meat; again this is another subject that we’ve written about on a number of occasion and indeed we are still running a petition on banning Halal meat in Britain due to its barbaric nature.

The underlying issue to almost all of the Islamic bellyaching comes down to a conflict of religious ideology and one that the Muslims continue to state that Britain simply isn’t sufficiently tolerant of and therefore it is this lack of tolerance that is driving communities apart and destroying the liberal dream of a multicultural Britain.

For those of you who feel that multiculturalism is good thing in Britain and that the rise of Islam isn’t such a bad thing ask yourself;

1.  When was the last time the Muslim community conceded to any British ideology?

2.  When was the last time a British person who supports the rule democracy strapped on a bomb vest and killed countless innocent men, women and children?

3. What group of the community do you know where their religious and cultural beliefs are inextricably complied with time and time again so as not to cause offence?

4. What group of the community supports segregation in schools and which continuously supports genital mutilation?

These are but a few of the questions that most defenders of multiculturalism refuse to answer but instead turn and call those asking such questions racists.

Racism, that’s the usual call from those who dare call out the inconsistencies in our society but racism by its very definition, is those who declare superiority over other races, cultures or religious beliefs.

Yes, if you want to see racism at work then look no further than the Muslim communities for the Koran clearly states that all those who are non-Muslim are inferior and therefore subjected to acts of violence and the threat of fear by death if they do not subscribe to the ideologies of Islam.

The truth continues to stare us right in the face and yet politicians and the mainstream media simply does not have the spine to address the imbalance and until it does the mantra of Islamic rule in Britain will continue to be perpetrated until we are all subjected to its barbaric rule.

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