Islam – A Special Kind of Hate

Islam – A Special Kind of Hate

The world witnessed the true barbarity of Islam when ISIS decided that their Holy War gave them the religious right to take a man and burn him alive.

Yes we thought that throwing a gay man off a roof-top and then stoning him to death after he survived the fall was bad enough but obviously ISIS feels beyond any reproach from humanity when citing and following the Koran to the letter.

We were certainly shocked at the Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris of which the Muslim community came out to declare those involved heroes of Islam.

It’s also clear that the on-going anti-Semitism perpetrated by Muslims across the western hemisphere hasn’t been witnessed to this degree of depravity since Hitler and his Nazi party came to power.

It is interesting to note that in 1939 when Britain declared war on Germany that we had a real sense of right and wrong and our very humanity wouldn’t allow us to stand by and watch innocent people being murdered just because of their ethnicity, culture or beliefs and yet the Muslims today perpetrate crimes on almost the same scale and we, along with our politicians, continue to attempt to ignore it for any move to stop the atrocities are labeled as an act of racism.

Oh how far we have slipped down the moral ladder; in fact with the on-going progressive liberal thinking it could be said that we haven’t just fallen from the tree of morality and human decency but we’ve landed hard on the ground with our faces soil in the mud.

In the video below Pat Condell provides an insightful look at Islam and the special kind of hatred that it perpetrates and how we continue to ignore it due to our fear of being labeled racists or bigots.

When will people finally wake up and realise that the politicians and Islamic fundamentalists have an entirely different agenda and it has nothing to do with peace, humanity or even basic human rights; it is purely about infiltration and the ability to control a population through fear.

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