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Islamic Hate Preacher Declares He Would Be Proud if His Son Killed Like Michael Adebolajo

Islamic Hate Preacher Declares He Would Be Proud if His Son Killed Like Michael Adebolajo

ISLAMIC HATE PREACHER DECLARES HE WOULD BE PROUD IF HIS SON KILLED LIKE MICHAEL ADEBOLAJO – The Islamic hate preacher Omar Bakri Muhammad stated in a video interview that if his son grew up and murdered a British soldier, as did Michael Adebolajo with the killing of Lee Rigby, then he would be a ‘proud’ and ‘happy’ father.

Looking at the video above it would take someone of an extremely unstable mind not to condemn what Omar Bakri Muhammad had to say and undoubtedly find it disturbing that such a statement could be uttered in front of his young son.

To a degree I can understand why Muslims are angry at Western Governments and their people; after all the issue has always been over the occupation of Muslim territory – if Britain was occupied in such a way it is unquestionable that a militant force would grow in order to expel the aggressor.

However, such a statement can never be condoned by the sane mind as who would ever consider teaching a child to hate to such a degree whereby it becomes acceptable to murder someone in such a heinous and cowardly way?

It is often interesting to look carefully inside the Muslim ideology of Jihad and martyrdom for it is always clear that those who preach never practice.  The likes of Omar Bakri Muhammad, Anjem Choudary, Osama Bin Laden and hundreds of other hate preachers appear all so willing to martyr the lives of others for their cause but not once do they ever consider putting themselves in harm’s way.

The little boy sitting on Omar Bakri Muhammad knee is reported to be his son and it’s most likely that Omar Bakri Muhammad wouldn’t consider twice about systematically brainwashing his own child into the ideology of martyrdom; just as long as he doesn’t have to engage in the act himself.

What often astounds me is that reporters appear to have easy access to the likes of Omar Bakri Muhammad and yet our security services apparently can’t get anywhere near him in order to arrest him or kill him as an enemy combatant.

It appears in our ‘politically correct’ system that it is acceptable to allow people like Omar Bakri Muhammad to call upon others such as Michael Adebolajo to murder innocent people and continuously walk away without any notion of punishment.

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