Islamization of the West

ISLAMIZATION OF THE WEST – We are all fully aware how the religion of Islam is growing throughout the West and that how our views, regarding any opposition, is often suppressed through the use of the ‘racist’ card.  However, the opposition to Islam, regardless of what you may have been told, has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘racism’ but rather religious expression.

Under the religion of Islam any non-believer is subject to the wrath of what Muslim determine ‘their holy right’ and none are more persecuted under this act of barbarism than Christians and Jews; who are according to the Koran nothing less than a direct insult to Allah.

A look at how Muslims are taking over Western cultures, termed as Islamization of the West, and how this achieved through the use of racism and secular abuse.

Vengeance is mine said the Lord, which denotes, in the Holy Bible, that only God has the right to take or give life.  In the Koran scripture is reversed in order to give Muslims the charge of murdering anyone who is not a follower of Islam; or enforce the ‘wrath of god’.

Note carefully, whether you are a Christian or not, in a Western society we take on the fundamental beliefs of Christianity insofar as ‘turning the other cheek’ or ‘loving thy neighbor  regardless as to whether that neighbor wants to beat us into submission or indeed take our life.

Look around you and see how Western Governments cow-tow to Muslim demands, all because it doesn’t want to be seen as the aggressor, it doesn’t want to appear racist and it doesn’t want to go against Christian values.

The Muslims, whichever way you cut the cake, is getting the larger slice and with each passing day they are insisting on more and more of that cake. They simply do not see we have any right to any portion of the cake and in fact will not even acknowledge our humanity.

Look around you and see how Western Governments cow-tow to Muslim demands, all because it doesn't want to be seen as the aggressor, it doesn't want to appear racist and it doesn't want to go against Christian values.

Recently in the UK a group of residents wanted to build a ‘community centre’ unfortunately the local planning office denied planning permission for fear of upsetting local Muslim Community who view such places as an insult against Allah. However this same group of Muslims applied for planning permission to build a Mosque and not surprisingly it was approved without delay.

There was opposition from the local community but the council deemed this a racial attack on Muslim and denied their petition to prevent the building of the Mosque.

Clearly racism had no agenda here, it was simply the principle that the local community was not granted permission on the grounds of offending Muslims and their religion and therefore the community petitioned inciting the same reason; albeit for their Christian belief.  Again, the result as is above – denied for being racist fueled.

What most people often fail to overlook is that fact that Islam is not merely a faith but also a law and therefore the Koran sanctions, under Sharia Law, the murder of innocent people. It also sanctions the oppression of women and honor killings for any female who fails to toe-the-line.

A recent example of this was the Islamic Cleric who rapped his 5 year old daughter under the pretense he felt she was not a virgin and then murdered her because her virtue has been soiled. An Islamic Court, by Islamic Cleric, cleared him of any crime.


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As Robert Spencer points out the Muslim communities in Western societies play on our sense of ‘racial discrimination’ and therefore are afforded special privileges such as extra break times at work in order to allow them to pray. The myth is, as Robert notes, is not so much Muslims wanting special privileges but rather enforcing their will against all non-Muslims therefore asserting their superiority over us as non-Muslims.

One of the main reasons that the word ‘racist’ is used so much is because it allows Muslims and even our Government to prevent us from speaking out against Islam.

This is nothing less than a direct attack on the ‘Right of Free Speech’ and yet the U.S, UK and other Western societies continue to suppress non-Muslim views about the Muslim faith or Islamic law. When you look at Western society it is miraculous just how successful Muslims have become at suppressing our views through the use of the ‘racist’ card.

When Barack Obama took office he felt that the ‘olive branch’ approach would be more productive than simply going to war with Muslim nations in order to suppress terrorism. The fact is that between 9/11 and his inauguration there has been more Jihadist plots than all those combined before 9/11; so the question is “has the olive branch’ approach worked or is this simply another attempt at appeasing Muslims?

I, and I am sure you are the same, have nothing against Muslims. The color of their skin and their way of life is an irrelevant argument in this context. This is about religion and the damage Islamic religion is doing in the West.

My attitude is this… If you are Muslim and you follow the Islamic faith that’s fine but if you don’t like it in the West then you are free to leave.  I will not bind your hands and feet.  I will not block your path.  All I ask is that if you live in the West then live as a Westerner and if our values, culture and way of life is offensive then by all means find an Islamic country that you would be comfortable, with other like-minded people, living in.

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