Islamophobia: Are we all Mentally Ill?

by Editor | May 9, 2014 3:47 am

ISLAMOPHOBIA: ARE WE ALL MENTALLY ILL? – Islamophobia is merely a made-up word that attempts to adhere itself into society in order to condemn those opposed to the rise of the Islamic religion and culture in the UK, or indeed anywhere in the western hemisphere.

Attached to the word ‘Islamophobia’ is the word ‘intolerance’, suggesting that not only are we mentally ill but we are also deeply racists.

In the Daily Mail today Channel 4 revealed that during its TV call to prayer during the Muslim holy month of Ramadan it received no less than 1,658 complains about the programme and yet despite the word ‘Islamophobia’ having no validity within the Oxford English Dictionary Channel 4’s head of factual, Ralph Lee, stated;

“The level of Islamophobia we encountered with the 4Ramadan season was unexpected, though much of it came from communities that were either very polarised or very un-diverse.”

If you were not offended by the programme itself then you should be offended by Mr. Lee’s statement for he is clearly labelling those who complained as being mentally ill with a lack of tolerance that clearly shows just how racist the complainants are.

Note carefully how he talks of a polarised and un-diverse culture within Britain; well is that really surprising when a religious ideology calls upon the murder of innocent people?

Tolerance is really no longer part of the equation but what is fuelling the cavernous divide is fear for we know of no other religion that calls upon its followers to strap on a bomb vest and murder hundreds of innocent people; there is also no other religion that condemns a person to death if they dare decide to give up their religion.

So why has the media coined the phrase ‘Islamophobia’? The truth is fear; they fear being ostracised, they fear being called racists and most importantly they fear being targeted by the religious zealots the moment they feel offended by any opposition to their faith.

The level of fear throughout the mainstream media is so prevalent you can now smell it; it’s like a cesspit and the stench is nauseating.

Never I have heard anyone describe the level of cowardice in a more concise manner than that of Pat Condell and in his video below Pat aptly describe the state of media and public fear.

Of late, and whenever we have published an article on the issues of Islam in the UK, we’ve received a fair amount of admonishment.

The condemnation however doesn’t come from non-Muslims, for the few of those who do comment they generally support our assertions, but we can tell you that writing anything about Islam or Muslims has a tendency to create a fair amount of religious sensitivity.

The usual call is one of ignorance; that is we don’t have a clue what we are talking about and granted our knowledge of Islam is limited for we don’t sit all day pouring over the Koran.

However what we do know about it is extremely disturbing and there is factual evidence that the so-called religion of peace has nothing to do with peace but rather oppression and murder.

Each and every time we’ve receive derogatory remarks or complaints about an article from the Muslim community our response has and will always be the same… if you feel your religion is unfairly judged due to a few extremists then rise up and oust the extremist and then the social divide can be significantly reduced to the point where society begins to be cohesive.  Remember your silence, your unwillingness to tackle the problem and oust those responsible for the atrocities makes you just as culpable.

Only two days ago we received a message from a Muslim condemning us for attempting to perpetrate hate and community division; we of course pointed out that we have never stood on a street corner with placards calling for the genocide of Muslims, nor have we attempted to radicalise a person to the point whereby that person would be willing to give up their life in order to fulfil a jihadist mission.

Our stance on this subject has always been one of unity; that is despite what you read into the articles we produce on this subject we, and most of the British public, want nothing more than to live side-by-side with respect and harmony but such community cohesion cannot exists when a minority group continues to call upon the majority to conform to a religious ideology or face being exterminated.

If the Muslim community is as equally horrified at the likes of Anjem Choudary spouting his hate speech against all non-Muslims why do they not oppose it?  Certainly there is opposition to Anjem Choudary but whenever such occurs we see no Muslims among them.

In our view it’s high time the British public took a stand and condemned the mainstream media of pandering to Muslim sensitivity and in doing so attempting to label us all mentally ill if we dare to speak out.

In this next video Pat Condell talks about Islamophobia and in our view mirrors what many people in the UK and indeed across the western hemisphere feel. As you will discover it’s not about hate and most people have no problem with a Islam except when it is being used to perpetrate a crime against humanity.

There is no such thing as Islamophobia and anyone opposing Islam isn’t mentally ill but rather looks upon a religion that is wholly unacceptable to western culture and one where even the so-called ‘peaceful’ Muslims dare not oust those who spread hate and the call for jihad.

For all those Muslims who have read this we have this to say… If you find any of what has been written to be offensive then you will find living in the UK extremely difficult.  You see the UK still has remnants of democracy and under this political ideology it allows for open and honest discussion.

What democracy does not permit is to call upon others to rise up and take violent action, as appears so prevalent with the Islamic faith.  If you disagree with what is written then the next time the likes of Anjem Choudary goes on the march calling for the extermination of all non-Muslims go out to meet him and publicly admonish him for the criminal acts he wants to perpetrate.

Remember, we are all people and we all have differing opinions but just because these opinions may be opposing it doesn’t give any human being the right to call upon the oppression or murder of others just to ensure one particular ideology should be adopted by all.

We at are unlike the mainstream media, are not Islamophobic, we are not fearful and we will never allow anyone to suppress or oppress our views whilst democracy remains the very fabric of our culture and we will also support your voice, but will only do so when it doesn’t involve violence.  In our view each of us has the right to live the lives we choose but that choice should never be imposed upon others through force or fear.

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