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Issues of Homosexuality and Islam

Issues of Homosexuality and Islam

ISSUES OF HOMOSEXUALITY AND ISLAM – Mention the word Islam in a derogatory way and you’ll be labeled a racist bigot; however, being a homosexual apparently gives Muslims the right to openly attack them, either verbally or with physical violence.

We are continuously told by politicians that Britain is a country that is tolerant towards any cultural, religious and indeed sexual beliefs and this is certainly true providing you are not a Muslim.

Within the Muslim Islamic beliefs there simply can never be any room to accept the ideology of homosexuality; it is an offense under God and therefore the only way to cure society of such an abomination is to hang or stone those to death that engage in such actions.

Once again we turn to Pat Condell to hear his views on Islam and their views on homosexuality.  Pat’s is certainly not the only voice to raise such concerns and indeed ask the likes of Andy Choudary, the Islamic hate preacher, about homosexuality and he’ll openly tell you that all homosexuals should be put to death as they are a direct insult to Allah.

I’m tired of politicians telling me that I must be tolerant of other people’s views for their rhetoric is clearly aimed at the majority of the British public whilst it fails to force such a notion on the minority Muslim community for fear of offending their cultural and religious sensitivities.

It’s getting to the point where it appears that we have no choice but to increase our tolerance and allow certain quarters of the Muslim community to go around imposing Sharia law that often beating and murdering innocent people simply because they don’t fit in with their religious ideologies.

Would it be so terrible to face the Muslim community and tell them that this is Britain, not Iran, Iraq, Syria or Saudi Arabia and that we do not segregate, condone or humiliate anyone due to the sexual orientation?

Would it be so offensive to politely tell Muslims that they are in fact guests and that Islam and Sharia have no place in a country that is predominately Christian and has adequate laws of their own?

Would it be an unthinkable notion that we could point the way to the Middle East; that is tell the Muslim community that if they find our culture, religion and indeed our tolerance so offensive then the only possible amicable solution is for them to leave and find a country in which they would feel comfortable living in and that does atone to their cultural and religious beliefs.

It is a known fact that Saudi Arabia does not tolerate any form of Christianity; it is in their view offensive and does not fit within their religious or cultural ideology and therefore anyone attempting to practice such is subject to the full force of Islamic law.

If the Saudi’s can do it why can’t Britain?  Why are we expected to be so tolerant of what is clearly a highly intolerant section of the British community?

Like any form of tolerance it will only last as long as the patience required to support it and the longer we are forced to be tolerant of those who are intolerant then the strain on society, like an elastic band pulled further and further apart, will only lead to one outcome – it will snap.

History tells us that once tolerance evaporates violence follows and if we truly abhor the notion of violence then we must take action to prevent it and in this case it must be to lay down the law and give the Muslims a chance… they either accept our culture and become tolerant or leave.

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