Izzy Dix: Time to Stop Bullying

IZZY DIX: TIME TO STOP BULLYING – At 14 years of age Izzy Dix became yet another statistic in the ledger of bullying in school and online.

Izzy Dix was described by her mother Gabbi and a bright and vibrant girl who aspired to getting into Oxford University.

For Gabbi, her daughter was also much more… she was her friend, her soul mate and above all everything Gabbi held dear in this world.

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Meebal.com says…

Once again I stare at the screen; the cursor blinks with temptation of creating words that hopefully will bring comfort, provide reason and dare I even suggest justification.

Izzy Dix and Mother Gabbi Dix

Left: Izzy Dix | Right: Mother, Gabbi Dix

I often get emotional about the articles that I write but whenever this particular subject rises I initially attempt to convince myself it’s all a bad dream – after all what human being could be driven to cause such untold misery on another that ultimately results in the victim taking their own life?

This is the story of Izzy Dix and the flagrant abuse she was subjected to by her so-called class mates.

Sticks and Stones… yes I think we are all familiar with the little verse in which it suggests that we should simply rise above name calling.

Just a few days ago meebal.com published an article with the remit of stamping out online bullying and indeed school yard bullying. We called it the ‘Thank You’ campaign where the idea is to simply rise above the vile and ignorant and simply say… ‘Thank You’.

The notion is to dispel vile comments and hurtful remark and literally take the wind out of the perpetrators sails.


Say Thank You to Social Network Trolls and Cyberbullies

There are those who will berate such an idea for we do not fully understand the torment levelled upon those who are subjected to such prolonged verbal abuse and the devastating effects it has on one’s self-esteem over time.

Unfortunately I know too well what it’s like as I too was once bullied at school.  My mother always told me that I should rise above it; after all those who engage in the practice of bullying do so in groups and this is generally due to their own insecurities of feeling insignificant or threatened by another person’s intellect.

Considering everything that was said about Izzy Dix I think it is clear that those who bullied Izzy to her death were insecure, scared and certainly intimated by her superior intellect – they simply could not bear the thought of Izzy being so far ahead.

It is likely that they viewed their future with ultimate doom with little or no opportunity whilst Izzy Dix had an extremely bright and fulfilling future ahead – something that they were certainly envious of.

Read the article by the Daily Mail (link above) and you will quickly uncover a number of disturbing facts.

Gabbi tells of how hundreds of school children turned up to Izzy’s funeral and many of those who did attend were responsible for taunting Izzy; in fact the ring leader had the audacity to turn up and hug Gabbi and give Gabbi her deepest condolences – this has to be the sickest twist of how society has developed into what is little more than cruel and uncaring.

The truth is that those involved in pushing Izzy Dix to the point where she finally took her own life are, as they are fully aware, untouchable.

The police have taken a number of Izzy’s items including her diary in order to examine its content for clues as to those responsible.

It really doesn’t make an iota of difference for the press nor the courts will be allowed to name and shame these people; it’s against their Human Rights and they are protected under laws that deal with juveniles.

I hang my head in desperation in order to find words that could possibly lead to any type of solace for Gabbi Dix but try as I might I know there is nothing I could say that could possibly provide any comfort.

I wonder when society will take a step backwards and do more to stamp out bullying, both online and offline?

I implore you to take a moment and look the photograph of Izzy and Gabbi.  Now consider that Izzy was your daughter.

We need to realize that Izzy was the daughter for all of us – that is we are responsible for our children and regardless to the science of biology all children are our children and we must, for the sake of humanity, ensure that they are loved, safe and above all never subjected to torment by others.

There’s nothing else I can really say here but I do know this… I, you, we and most of all Gabbi have lost someone truly beautiful that can never be replaced.

For me I will no doubt be writing a similar article in the future and again I’ll be left breathless as to why we refuse to take more measures to stamp out such torment.

I can assure you that writing such an article torments me and certainly Izzy’s passing leaves me wondering if there is any real hope for humanity.

Help us stamp out bullying, visit the Izzy Dix memorial page on Facebook and show your support.


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