James Blunt Planning on Moving to Switzerland

James Blunt Planning on Moving to Switzerland

JAMES BLUNT PLANNING ON MOVING TO SWITZERLAND – Once again the Daily Mail is running an article on another wealthy and famous British Citizen that is considering a move out of the Country, as what the Daily Mail reports as being a way to avoid paying tax on his fortune.

Daily Mail Witch Hunt for people like James Blunt looking to avoid paying UK tax.

So, yet again we have a witch hunt of the rich and famous and once again the Daily Mail points the ‘Holier than Thou’ finger for someone trying to protect their assets.

Yesterday I wrote an article ‘Tax Avoidance in the UK‘ which detailed a witch hunt against the likes of foreign companies who openly avoid paying income tax; which I pointed out was perfectly legal and which was the obligation, of the companies in question, to their shareholders.

For all the finger pointing by the Daily Mail and Members of Parliament it would be interesting to see just how ‘CLEAN’ there accounting practices are and whether they engage in ways to avoid paying income tax.  If the Daily Mail is not engaging is some form of tax avoidance for the benefit of its Board of Directors and Shareholder then I’d glad stand in a town square naked, covered in jelly, while someone whips me with a cat and nine tails.

I am certainly NOT alone in my views that if the UK Government wasn’t so corrupt and inept at running the country then maybe the likes of James Blunt wouldn’t feel the need to leave and all those corporations that are avoiding tax would be less inclined to do so.

Just look at some of our Ministers – they are all living off the taxpayer and they are all over paid.  On top of that they have all the perks, such as exorbitant travel expenses and living accommodation.  How many Ministers are on the take, by renting their homes out for profit and letting the tax payer pick up the tab on another house or apartment?

The Daily Mail is so far up its own backside it fails to even realise that James Blunt, like many other, are simply trying to avoid the greed of the UK Government and I am positive the Daily Mail has a number of shrewd accountancy practices which significantly reduces its annual tax bill.

People, let he, who is without sin, cast the first stone – I dare any Government Minister or the Daily Mail to pick up the rock – maybe it would be better for all if they simply kept their mouths firmly shut and crawled under it instead of attempting to throw it.

Britain, like any country is only as good as the people who are running it, and when it is clearly run for the benefit of the Government Ministers and their ‘Old Boys Network’ then the very idea of a witch hunt for those trying to avoid paying tax is absurd.

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