Jeremy Clarkson Again in Hot Water Over Racism Remark

by Editor | May 1, 2014 3:11 am

JEREMY CLARKSON AGAIN IN HOT WATER OVER RACISM REMARK – The outspoken Top Gear presenter, Jeremy Clarkson has been yet again accused of racism after he was allegedly caught on camera saying the word ‘nigger’.

In the alleged unaired footage Jeremy Clarkson was heard reciting the old rhyme, ‘eeny, meeny, miny, mo’ and then was caught muttering ‘catch a nigger by his toe’.

So what have we had over the last couple of weeks; well that would be him naming his black Highland Terrier  after footballer Didier Drogba and referring to a ‘slope’ on the bridge when filming in Thailand; yes apparently the term ‘slope’ is a derogatory and racist term for someone of Asian descent.

According to the Mirror the use of such a word by Jeremy Clarkson is shameful and was verified by audio experts who confirmed he did in fact use the word ‘nigger’.

The word, according to the Mirror, is deemed highly offensive and now legal experts are considering whether Jeremy Clarkson could have breached equality legislation.

This latest offensive remark is all over the news; but we doubt very much if any newspaper or TV news services will use the word in full.  No, it’s likely you’ll see it being spoken as the ‘n word’ or printed as ‘n*****’ for such a word is so offensive it should not be spoken or printed.

We have an issue, or rather a question… if the word ‘nigger’ is so offensive to those of African descent why do they continuously use it?

We’ve heard it on the streets as two black people greet one another, we’ve heard it in movies and we’ve read books containing the word.

Therefore who is offended by the word? Could merely be only the white man that find such a term offensive, for black people certainly can’t because they are forever using it?

It is possible of course that it is a racist slur and only a black person should have the privilege to use it; in which case every black person who utters it would be breaking equality legislation.

Yes, that’s right equality legislation; unless of course such legislation was only ever written to protect people of ethnic minorities from being persecuted and racially abused by white people and surely that cannot be the case for there would be no ‘equality’.

The word ‘nigger’ might be offensive to both black and white people but until those that it allegedly affects the most stop using it then under equality laws everyone should be allowed to use it.

In our view we all have a responsibility towards one another and for society to work we must put aside petty name calling, for that’s all it really is.

Jeremy Clarkson uttered an old children’s rhyme that has been adapted in order to offend the racially sensitive but we have another one for you… ‘sticks and stones may break my bones but names will never hurt me.’

Next time you’re sitting in the cinema and you hear one of great black actors, such as Ving Rhames, use the word nigger, who has indeed used it prolifically, stand up and should racist and see what happens… yes, it’s likely you’ll face a barrage of insults for your stupidity.

Considering this is now being slapped all over the front pages of numerous newspapers we wonder if society has indeed lost the plot over what is and what is not offensive.

After all don’t we have bigger issues to address such as the Chilcot Inquiry and finally bringing Tony Blair to justice.  Of course then there’s other issues such as David Cameron selling Britain to the EU or handing our money over to terrorist organisations such as Al-Qaeda under the disguise of foreign aid.

The bigger picture is out there but we often wonder if people really want the truth as they so often call for, but rather would be happy to bury their heads in the sand and only ever raise it if someone is being accused of being a racist for then they are able to appear to righteous in their vilification.

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