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Judge Denies Ohio Killer Dennis McGuire a Stay of Execution

Judge Denies Ohio Killer Dennis McGuire a Stay of Execution

JUDGE DENIES OHIO KILLER A STAY OF EXECUTION – Dennis McGuire will be put to death for the brutal rape and murder of Joy Stewart, a 22 year old that was pregnant at the time of her murder in 1989, despite lawyers arguing that McGuire’s death using an experimental drug could result in an agonising death.

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Dennis McGuire is to be executed today using a combination of midazolam, a sedative, and hydromophone, a painkiller which has yet to be used in the execution of a death row inmate.

Lawyers argue that using such drugs might induce the painful and terrorising phenomenon known as ‘air hunger’ which makes a person feel as if they are dying from suffocation and as such executing someone under these conditions would be unusually cruel and inhumane.

The judge has denied a stay of execution stating that no evidence has been produced to prove such will occur.

Once again opponents of death penalty are out in force declaring that no person should ever be put to death and especially executed under such erroneous conditions.

Those opposing the death penalty will once more declare that such a penalty under law has no validity for evidence clearly suggests that such does not provide a deterrent.

Advocates calling for the abolition of the death penalty certainly have a valid point in that the correlation of crime resulting in capital punishment does not deter those who engage in such heinous crimes.

The question therefore remains … ‘Should people like Dennis McGuire be provided with clemency and condemned to a life behind bars as opposed to being executed?’

For those supporting the death penalty the argument is clear and decisive; whilst it may not be a deterrent it does provide closure for many of the victim’s family members and relieves the taxpayer from having to provide a lifetime of support for those convicted of such crimes where the death penalty can be applied.

Pro life campaigners will tell you that the death penalty is barbaric and medieval; supporters of the death penalty will tell you that it’s more inhumane to keep a person locked up until they naturally expire.

Whilst there is evidence to support the death penalty as being no deterrent it is clear that it does provide many members of the victim’s family with closure.

We continue to debate the validity of the death penalty in a civilised society but no such civility was ever granted to Joy Stewart as Dennis McGuire raped and then stabbed her repeatedly.

We cannot permit such a person to their liberty due to the inherent risk of placing members of the general public in grave danger; and the question remains … Why should the taxpayer be burdened with keeping a person that engaged in such a heinous act; is it not immoral to support such a person whilst the victim’s family spend a lifetime grieving?

There is no evidence to suggest that the combination of midazolam and hydromophone will in fact cause Dennis McGuire any stress other than what he will be feeling as he is strapped to a gurney in the execution chamber waiting to take his last breath and possibly reflect on the life that he took for his own selfish and sadistic gratification.

There are few who carefully focusing on the gravity of his crime will be able to show any notion of concern for here was a man who gave none to his young pregnant victim.

Does this make us just as heinous as Dennis McGuire or are we simply providing relief for the victim’s family and the taxpayer in what is a righteous act that ultimately saves Dennis McGuire being condemned to a life knowing that he will never have the liberty to walk a free man?

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  • Hal

    Far more humane than the electric chair. He will likely go to sleep, just like when you have a colonoscopy. The combo of drugs, a sedative and hydromorphone, i.e. oxycontin, I just don’t see how he will have sustained terror…

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