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Judges Declare Bedroom Tax and Benefits Cap Legal

Judges Declare Bedroom Tax and Benefits Cap Legal

JUDGES DECLARE BEDROOM TAX AND BENEFITS CAPS LEGAL – Since the Government introduced the Spare Bedroom Subsidy, dubbed Bedroom Tax, and set about capping benefits they have come under fire from members of the public, human rights groups and the European Union, each declaring such to be unlawful.

Last night judges ruled that reforms to the welfare system were in fact within the law and therefore have rejected claims that these breach human rights laws or unlawfully discriminate against the disabled.


Yes you read that right … Good!

There are certain sectors of society that will be enraged at my comment but I tell you know that attempting to force the Government into increasing welfare will ultimately bankrupt Britain. At that point you can all go crying in your beer for there won’t be any more money to support the welfare system.

Effectively Britain’s pending bankruptcy will impact those most vulnerable, those most worthy of social assistance; but the more I read about people being offended at the welfare reforms the more I realise just how lazy, inept and selfish British society has become.

Quite frankly you ought to be ashamed of yourselves for your belief that these reforms in some way breach human rights, in order to satisfy your vision of humanitarianism, will ultimately bring about the collapse of Britain and its welfare system.

Almost all of the attacks on welfare reform have been fuelled by the EU who wants nothing more than to see Britain languish in bankruptcy for at that point Britain will have to go begging for a bailout; such will ultimately result in Brussels demanding full and unequivocal control over every aspect of Britain’s affairs – just look at the stranglehold they have over Greece… is that really what you want for Britain?

Yes it is unquestionable that some people will suffer as welfare reforms are rolled out to every aspect of the benefits system; my view on this… get a job!

Before you put on your suit of shining armour and climb upon your steed and start berating me and championing the poor I can tell you that I live well below the poverty line and despite my predicament I don’t claim a single penny from the taxpayer.

I refuse to take handouts; personally I’d rather starve on the streets than be party to Britain’s downfall and whilst this might appear a little unusual or even difficult to comprehend in today’s ‘entitlement’ society it is a fact that I am prepared to be part of the solution, even if that means a little sacrifice.

I certainly appreciate how tough life is and what it’s like to live with poverty but expecting everyone else to prop up the system through taxes is just plain madness.

You have to look at the state of Britain’s finances to truly understand the folly of welfare. Just last year the Government handed over £48.20 billion, not to recipients of welfare but rather to the banks of which were interest payments on the required borrowing to keep the welfare system operational.

Now tell me that welfare isn’t madness.  We can no longer expect the Government, or rather the taxpayer, to take care of us from the cradle to the grave; there simply isn’t any money in the Treasury to achieve such a goal.

With Britain’s debt approaching £1.4 trillion the Government is now spending 5 times the country’s national income; how long do you think this can be sustained before we end up like Greece?

If you have children take a break and go and look in their eyes and then tell them how very sorry you are for your ignorance.  Why?  Because effectively the debt we’ve accumulate will be passed on to your children; that is when the dust settles they are the ones who are going to be saddled with the debt and it’s not just your children but their children and their children’s children.

I have no doubt in my mind that there are some who will read this and discard it but truthfully these are the people who couldn’t care less just as long as the Government continues to cough up money for their own gain despite the fact of the damage they do to society as a whole.

Again, we need to consider the needy.  I’m not talking about those who would rather live a life on benefits simply because they are too lazy or inept to work. I’m talking about those who are genuinely unable to work through sickness and disabilities; those who truly need and deserve our help.

Once Britain declares bankruptcy, and many economic and financial experts believe that time is coming; we will no longer be able to declare Britain as a humanitarian society for we would have effectively put to death the thousands of truly deserving people in society.

It’s about time we faced the truth; yes we often berate MPs and Minister for treating us like children and withholding or subverting the truth but unfortunately they realised long ago that most of the population don’t want the truth because it is just too painful to bear.

Another argument here is that disabled people, the very people I talk about being worthy, have been hit by the Bedroom Tax.

The question is why should a disabled person’s second bedroom be deemed as essential?

In this particular ruling the judge rightfully declared that under equal rights legislation and human rights laws no person, able-bodied or disabled, should be treated any differently; it could be argued that both sections of the community equally need a spare bedroom and allowing one section relief would in fact breach equal rights legislation and human rights laws.

We really do have a choice here; either we work together and continue to allow and support welfare reform or we play the game of ‘I’m in it for myself’.  The choice is of course yours but I’ve certainly made my position crystal clear and whilst I could easily cream the benefits system I choose not to do so for the greater good.

I honestly think it is time the British public woke up to the fact that Britain is broke and then collectively work towards fixing the issues we face; if that means preventing people from scrounging off the system because they are too lazy to work then that should be their decision and the taxpayer should play no part in supporting their inept lifestyle.

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