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Julie Bailey NHS Whistleblower Subject to Vile Online Abuse Over Being Awarded a CBE

Julie Bailey NHS Whistleblower Subject to Vile Online Abuse Over Being Awarded a CBE

JULIE BAILEY NHS WHISTLEBLOWER SUBJECT TO VILE ONLINE ABUSE OVER BEING AWARDED A CBE – Over the last couple of days there has been numerous articles surrounding the New Year’s Honours List; notably to those who have been awarded Knighthoods and other titles who clearly don’t deserve such.


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There are of course certain individuals who rightly deserve being on the Honours List for these are often the unsung heroes and heroines; in fact this is also the sentiment of Lord Oakeshott who sincerely believes, as we do, that the lackeys and cronies of David Cameron should never be considered for such an honour.

There are two ladies, Julie Bailey and Helene Donnelly, that do appear on the New Year’s Honours list and who clearly deserve being awarded for their efforts for helping to change a system, in this case the NHS, which is clearly broken.

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Julie Bailey was the lady who set up Cure The NHS after her mother died due to the appalling level of care at the Mid-Staffordshire Hospital.  Ms. Bailey was directly responsible for pushing politicians to hold a public inquiry in which resulted in revealing Mid-Staffordshire Hospital’s clear deficiencies in patient care.

In the process of the public inquiry Sir David Nicholson was also exposed as failing to perform the very fundamentals of his position and yet despite public outcry it was David Cameron who refused to sack him; yes another prime example of just how out of touch Mr. Cameron is with public sentiment and the acknowledgement that he is merely an employee of the taxpayer that should do as he is told.

Regardless of how Julie Bailey pushed for a public inquiry and reform in order to make the NHS better, more efficient and provide greater levels of patient care it appears that some deluded souls in Britain are not only offended by Julie Bailey and Helene Donnelly receiving an CBE but also considered it appropriate to publicly condemn their actions on Twitter and other social networks.

That horrible woman JB (Julie Bailey) has a CBE. Disgusting after what she done. Oldmum Phillis

What an honour to be recognised as the woman for depriving her home town of a hospital. Martin Stanyer

Can’t believe it she has wreck our hospitals and she gets rewarded for her troubles. Jayne Smith

Pair of sh*** (referring to Julie Bailey and Helene Donnelly). Mick Terry

Insult to doctors and nurses everywhere who work diligently for their patients. Chris (Christine) Baron

Those were just a handful of people who decided to unleash their uneducated and vile views for none clearly bothered to consider the 1,200 patients that died at Mid-Staffordshire Hospital due to the appalling lack of professionalism from staff and of course it’s chief executive Sir David Nicholson.

Julie Bailey’s campaign clearly exposed what needed to be exposed and as a result the hospital trust was dissolved.

Some have viewed Julie Bailey’s actions as somehow depriving her home town of a hospital, a notion that is clearly ridiculous for what good is a hospital that cannot, due to failing management, care for and heal the sick.

You might think that in a Britain that is rife with corruption within all areas of the public sector that someone having the courage to speak out in order to effect positive change would be seen as an admirable undertaking.

Unfortunately since Julie Bailey and Helene Donnelly exposed the failings at Mid-Staffordshire both have been victimized by hate mail, online abuse and even received death threats.

Whilst there will always be those who are clearly detached from reality there are far more who sincerely appreciate what Julie Bailey and Helene Donnelly did and the reasons for their actions.

Remember that over 1,200 died as a result of neglect and despite Julie Bailey’s efforts Sir David Nicholson has walked away without even a blemish on his record; at we have always been perplexed as to why he has never been charged and put on trial for corporate manslaughter – of course the answer to that conundrum lies in the fact his is protected by the public’s No.1 employee David Cameron.


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We suspect that most of the vile rants came from people who lost their jobs and who are equally disgusted that one of the own colleagues, nurse Helene Donnelly, also provided Julie Bailey with assistance in expose the appalling care.

Look again at the list we of hate Tweets we provided above and note the name Chris (Christine) Baron; this is the same Christine Baron who was on the councils ‘Health Scrutiny Committee’ and was subsequently relieved of her position after the committee continuously overlooked the failings of the trust.

It is heartwarming to know that Julie Bailey is rising above the vile comments and stated to the press that she is fully aware that there is far more support for what she did and that many clearly recognise that the NHS is a safer place and will get much safer.

We at fully support Julie Bailey and Helene Donnelly for their courage and for receiving a much deserved CBE for their continuous work in helping improve NHS health care across the country.

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