Juncker Would Let Britain Take Back Powers While Staying in EU

by Editor | July 9, 2014 2:21 am

THE GUARDIAN – Jean-Claude Juncker has insisted he will not seek to block British efforts to claw back powers from Brussels despite David Cameron’s failed bid to prevent him becoming president of the¬†European commission.

Juncker said any proposals from Westminster would be “taken under consideration”, stressing that he wanted the UK to stay in the EU.

The comments could provide some reassurance to Cameron, who had warned fellow European leaders that installing the former Luxembourg premier in the key post risked scotching attempts to reform.

The prime minister has pledged a renegotiation of Britain’s membership terms followed by an in-out referendum in 2017 if the Tories are in power.

According to a leaked recording reported in the Daily Telegraph, Juncker told MEPs at a meeting in Brussels: “I would like Britain to stay as an active constructive member of the European Union. If Britain puts forward a proposal it will be taken under consideration.

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