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Jury Rules Mark Duggan was LAWFULLY Killed by Armed Police

Jury Rules Mark Duggan was LAWFULLY Killed by Armed Police

JURY RULES MARK DUGGAN WAS LAWFULLY KILLED BY ARMED POLICE – Members of Mark Duggan’s family reacted with anger over the jury’s verdict that he was shot and killed lawfully by armed police in August 2011.

The authorities are now bracing themselves for another wave of violence as members of the family cried ‘murderers’ from the public gallery as the verdict was read out

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Within days after the shooting of Mark Duggan, a known criminal and gangster, Tottenham, North London witnessed a number of riots as his killing by armed police was viewed by many as nothing short of an execution by over-reactive armed police.

At the scene police located an illegal handgun and the jury ruled that whilst Mark Duggan was unarmed at the point he was killed, it is likely he threw his gun away just seconds before armed police shot him dead.

In relation to the readers’ comments on a number of websites covering this story, it is clear that the majority sentiment takes the view that Mark Duggan’s killing simply removed yet another violent gangster from the streets who dealt in drugs and engaged in all manner of criminal activity; some feel such an act should be a lucid message to other criminals of his ilk.

Police now fear that the verdict will yet again spark riots in London and other parts of the UK but it’s unlikely any of those who may engage in such an act will likely be model citizens; that is hard working, honest and law abiding citizen.

If riots do break out then such an act is merely testament to the on-going unlawful behaviour that many feel they can get away with simply because of the ridiculously liberal justice system currently being provided.


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It would be admirable if one could show some compassion; after all a mother lost a son, a brother lost a brother – a loss in anyone’s family is unquestionably a traumatic event.

However, Mark Duggan was a man that lived and preyed on the weak.  He provided drugs to ensnare the young to a lifetime of dependency on his vile trade; just to fuel his greed, power and notoriety among the criminal fraternity.

As you will witness from the video above Scotland Yard’s Assistance Commissioner Mark Rowley attempted to give a statement amidst an angry crowd who continuously called out ‘murderer’.

Is this really the face of Britain in modern times?  That is are we now willing to accept that people like Mark Duggan should be allowed to roam the streets putting the public at grave risk so as not to offend what is clearly a case that Duggan supporters feel is an ethnic killing?

Yes, the case of Mark Duggan is clearly one of race; or at least that’s how the family and a number of other delusional politicians will see it and indeed continue to promote it; such is evident when you read the words of Labour MP Diane Abbott, who is clearly deranged and a danger to a civilized society.

“If the #duggan jury believes that he did not have a gun in his hand when he was shot, how can they find it was a lawful killing? #baffled.” Labour MP Diane Abbott

Our society continues to beat the drum of social harmony; that is the utopia of a multicultural cohesive society, and yet it is evident that no such thing exists and can never be so whilst incidents such as this retract from the real issue that Mark Duggan was a hardened criminal and that the colour of his skin was utterly and irrevocably irrelevant.

Referring back to readers’ comments around the news sites and social networks, it is apparent that most feel that whilst Mark Duggan’s death was unfortunate, it could have been completely avoided if he hadn’t lived a life of criminality; as one reader pointed out… ‘He who lives by the sword, shall die by the sword.’

In our view one thing remains factual and that is Mark Duggan will never again be able to ply his vile trade of drugs and violence but of course with our current system of justice he has already been replaced several times over and maybe it’s time the law was changed so that criminals of this nature can be lawfully executed.

Whilst the majority of British citizens want safe streets which are free of criminal behaviour few will stand up and demand a change in the law so that those protecting us can active decisively and with deadly force if necessary to rid our streets of crime.

In our modern liberal society it is now evident that it is the law abiding citizen who is on the run from the growing number of criminals as our laws continue to change preventing any punishment. Once again, some are attempting to fuel the rights of a criminal whilst ignoring Mark Duggan’s victims; such is the society in which Britain has become.

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