Justice Iranian Style

JUSTICE IRANIAN STYLE – The two young men, as can be seen in the photograph below, are led by their executioners.  Their crime? Robbery.  The CCTV Footage, used as evidence by the court was posted on YouTube, which you may view below. WARNING CONTAINS GRAPHIC VIOLENCE.

The Iranian Judicial System takes an extremely hard line when it comes to crime and the courts, in this instance, considered their actions were against God and therefore an execution order was given.

The Iranian Judicial System takes an extremely hard line when it comes to crime and the courts, in this instance, considered their actions were against God and therefore an execution order was given.

In front of a crowd of just over 300 onlookers the executioners lead them to the hangman’s noose and a few minute later both were dead.

In front of a crowd of just over 300 onlookers the executioners lead them to the hangman's noose and a minute later both were dead.

The pair, Mafiha, aged 23, and Sarvari, 20, were arrested after a YouTube video, in December 2012, clearly showed the two of them attacking a man on the streets of Tehran, with a machete and after sentencing Iran’s Head of Judiciary, Sadeq Larijani, made a statement in which he said that the security and safety of our people is more important than even the daily bread we eat and we must protect our citizens.

The two were not alone in this crime and the court rule that the accomplices each serve a sentence of 10 years and receive 74 lashes.

There are no doubt many people who only see this type of action, by the Iranian Government, as a way to fuel their belief that Iran is barbaric country and full of evil people.  However, when you look at somewhere like the UK most of us might consider it to be a Utopia of social care and harmony – unfortunately this is nowhere near the truth.

The stark reality is that the UK has the highest violent crime levels in all of Europe and by no small margin either – a recent article Britain: A Violent Society Out of Control, clearly outlines the problems the United Kingdom has due to its overly liberal justice system where criminals are summarily sent back on the streets to commit more crime with almost impunity.

While the actions of the Iranian judicial system may appear harsh this does achieve a balance in social order, it ensure that people like Mafiha and Sarvari, will never again commit such a heinous crime against another Iranian citizen.

I am an advocate for the reinstatement of both Corporal and Capital Punishment in the United Kingdom. Since the last execution took place we have had the onslaught of the liberal reform which has resulted in a country where violent crime is not only rapidly increasing but where the judicial system is powerless to provide any punishment – the criminals are simply let loose on the streets to commit more crime.

Add this to the mix of the liberal immigration laws, whereby we are simply importing more criminals and it is little wonder why the United Kingdom has such an appalling record for violent crime.

It was interesting as I researched this news article as I visited a number of online news sources and the comments, mainly from British Citizens, was not one of calling the Iranian’s barbaric but one of calling upon the UK Government to ‘take a leaf out of their book’.

We cannot have justice in the UK while we kowtow to the criminal with a liberal stance.  What Britain needs is a government who will remove the barriers to justice and allow the courts to punish criminals for their crimes and if that means the Birch, Imprisonment or even the Death Penalty then so be it.

Justice can only be attained and maintained by a just system.

Do you think Iran goes too far or do you think that justice is served to the criminals?  Leave your comments below.

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  • Ali

    How do you know that exactly?

    Im Iranian and know our law better than you

    our country does not punish some one just because of youtube

    they punish the gangesters who irretate people a lot and please know that the severest punishment is for those guys who attack people by knife or gun or selling or buying those instruments and drugs. isn’t that normal???

    • http://www.meebal.com/ meebal

      Ali, how do I know what? If you are asking how do I know that these two were executed well it’s because it was all over the news.

      The YouTube footage was original CCTV footage used in evidence in an Iranian court.

      I am not having a poke at Iranians, far from it, I’m applauding their courage in removing criminals from their streets.

  • http://www.facebook.com/frank.lewis.564 Frank Lewis

    In total agreement with the comment Britain is the DUSTBIN of the world. WE are a society where the criminals have all the rights and if you fight back you are in the wrong.Case in point 15 years ago ( now 62 ) 3 lads ( ages 18 / 22 / 23 ) tried to mug me in Manchester town center on a Saturday afternoon; because i fought back and broke the 22 year old’s jaw and broke a rib on the 18 year old it was me who was arrested and charged with grievous bodily harm. I was kept in the police station till Monday and taken to the magistrates court. I pleaded not guilty and the case was referred to crown. just let me state ” I have no record with the police”. on appearing at crown the judge was appalled that the case had come before him in what He’s words “was clearly a case of self defense” and told the police to stop wasting the courts time. I was awarded all costs. But the point of the matter is I was arrested at all when I was the victim . BRITISH JUSTICE SUCKS !!

    • http://www.meebal.com/ meebal

      Frank you should have known better. The delinquents who attacked you are just misunderstood and that society has dealt them a cruel hand – how else are they supposed to make money; other than their miserly benefits.

      Satire aside, I genuinely feel for you and it goes to show how society and slipped into a cesspool of derogation and that crime is on the rise.

      People often call me draconian because I would like to see capital and corporal punishment reinstated. I’d like to rewrite PACE and allow our police officers to be able to protect and serve the innocent. Unfortunately the Liberal-Left will have none of it.

      Did you read about Paula Clark? 85 years old, nearly blind, mugged by two youths and murdered. Outcome – 6 years for Manslaughter. Justice in the UK… doesn’t exist.

      • http://www.facebook.com/frank.lewis.564 Frank Lewis

        Yes i read about it . It sickens me to read about murders / rapes /muggings etc and see the sentences they get it is a total joke; one I don’t find funny.But as you say the police are powerless half the time.and as for racism it only seems to work one way against the English. if that offends I personally don’t give a monkeys f**k . to be clear i’m English first British second and proud of it. just a final thought on the matter I blame my parents for my up-bringing, they instilled in me a respect for other people and property and to work for what i get seems they where wrong . If there is such a thing as reincarnation I want to come back as a criminal because they have got it made in today’s society .

        • http://www.meebal.com/ meebal

          I’m old enough to be old school. Same thing with my parents, brought up to respect others and their property. I’m British and it sickens me what successive Governments, especially Blair and Brown have done to this country. Cameron and Clegg are no better.

          Everyone blames the police and judges and yet both are tied up with legislation more often created by un-elected EU Commissioners.

          Every day I write about the news and give my personal views it helps me to vent and I’ve found there are many people who would like to see the UK turned around. I just wonder how much tolerance the British are prepared to give before they finally snap.

          I fully agree with you, the system is stack in favour of the criminals.

  • jake 13

    I completely concurr with the authors comments and his article. The UK is the laughing stock of the world now and so out of control with its liberal bullshit laws and Cherrie Blair crap human rights articles, that note, only the UK signed up to all 16 Articles. The violent criminals are running a mock on the streets.
    I totally agree that corporal punishment should be brought back and even public executions. I would happily cut the bastards guts open (hang, draw and quarter) these arseholes. You will see them cry for their Mama’s and weep like babies only when their life is to be taken. Good riddence to this SHIT. They cost society a fortune and who cares that these crims are to be ‘rehabilitated’.! They don’t want to be rehabilitated, they just want to carry on with the same delinquent behaviour they always do and then expect society to feel sorry for them. Personally, line them all up against a nice big rc concrete wall and mow them down with a GPMG 7.62mm 1000 rounds a minute…all we need is a pan and brush to sweep the rubbish up after.

    • http://www.meebal.com/ meebal

      I’m guessing you’re not too keen on them. Did you know that nearly 50% of all Romanian immigrants in the UK has been arrested for one crime or another and charged?

      There is little doubt that the Human Rights Act needs scraping and pull out of the European Court of Human Rights which would then allow us to deport them.

      Cameron is now considering providing Foreign Aid to countries like Somalia so that the taxpayer can build nice comfortable prison for them to stay in when deported; so that the standards don’t infringe upon their human rights.

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