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Justice Secretary Threatens to Pull Out of European Court

Justice Secretary Threatens to Pull Out of European Court

JUSTICE SECRETARY THREATENS TO PULL OUT OF EUROPEAN COURT – For far too long Strasbourg has been viewed as a hindrance to British justice and now the Justice Minister Chris Grayling is preparing to publish draft legislation over the next few months that will see an end to European Courts interfering with British justice.

According to Mr. Grayling nothing will come about until after the 2015 General Election for any such attempt would be blocked by its coalition partners the Liberal Democrats.

Such a statement is yet another firm indication of the fractured relationship David Cameron has with his coalition partner Nick Clegg; who has effectively stifled a number of changes since the formation of the coalition Government in 2010.

Indeed Nick Clegg’s New Year’s message was one that will further divide the coalition after Mr. Clegg announced that voting Tory or UKIP in the EU Elections in May were damaging to the needs of Britain and places our EU membership in grave peril.


Nick Clegg Feels an EU Exit Would Ruin Economic Recovery

Mr. Grayling, in an attempt to bolster public support for the Tories in the next General Election, stated that the Government will provide plans to ‘curtail’ the role the European Court has on British justice and replace the Human Rights Act 1998 that the last Labour Government introduced.

He went on to state that he fully intends to make the British Supreme Court supreme over all UK law and prevent further external interference.

Mr. Grayling said that he didn’t have a problem with the principles of the European Convention on Human Rights (ECHR), a body which Britain was party to drawing up after the Second World War but rather the creeping tide of interference by the ECHR in how they implement the convention.

“Whatever we try to do as a party – because this is not an issue that unites the Coalition – the Conservative Party’s intention is to go into the next election with a clear plan for change.

It is absolutely clear Parliament has the sovereign right to implement that change should it choose to do so. We have been looking at a number of options, of which leaving the Convention is one.

It’s not the only option we are considering and we will bring forward plans in the next few weeks which will set out very clearly what we will do and how we will do it.” Justice Secretary Chris Grayling on Raido 4 Today Programme

Mr. Grayling’s views come directly after former Lord Chief Justice Lord Judge warned the Government that the European Court of Human Rights is now seriously undermining Parliament’s sovereignty and that steps must be taken to curb interference if British justice is to prevail.

As a society we have certainly witness some appalling, offensive and high controversial decisions by the European Court, none more so when it comes to allowing foreign criminals and terrorists to remain in Britain whilst the taxpayer is expected to keep them.

It doesn’t take a genius to figure out that our current judicial system appears ineffective for not only is crime rising but the justice system no longer seems able to effectively deal with criminals; that is we have witnessed a sharp rise in the number of suspended sentences and the notion of ‘rehabilitation’ over ‘punishment’ has taken precedence.

What Britain needs, if it is to have a fair and just system of law, is a complete overhaul and a radical re-think on how we deal with people who break the law.

We need to discover new ways in which to prevent crime or deal with it effectively when it occurs; if this means doing away with rehabilitation and reinstating swift punishment then so be it for we certainly cannot allow society to be awash with criminality where the criminals are fully aware that no form of punishment will ever be given.

It is time we pulled out of the European Court and prevented them from interfering with the way British Courts determine the fate of criminals that come before them.  It is also time we once again severely punished those who would act upon their criminal intent; but of course such change can never be implemented whilst there are liberals in power to feel that a criminals human rights are being abused.

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