Ken Clark Plays the Racist Card on UKIP Voters

KEN CLARK PLAYS THE RACIST CARD ON UKIP VOTERS – The Tories were humiliated in the Eastleigh by-elections and now the polls are indicating that the UKIP have overtaken the Liberal Democrats in popularity.

This leaves the Tories out in the cold, the Liberal Democrats struggling to find a true identity and a Labour Party who is not sure if they are true communists or simply a watered down version of the unions.

According to Ken Clarke it’s not just the UKIP members who are racists but anyone who votes from them are racists.

Ken Clarke

The public appears to have learned a valuable lesson with this present Coalition Government in that a Coalition doesn’t really work.  The problem with a Coalition is the opposing views and while David Cameron would like to implement change, such as Welfare Reform, Nick Clegg opposes such change.

The result; well that’s the point really there is no result- as issues are simply pushed around the table and nothing ever gets done.

There’s been a fair bit of UKIP bashing lately as some newspapers have tied the UKIP to the British National Party, who are often seen as nothing less than a group of motivated racists that would like nothing more than to make the whole of the United Kingdom white again.

There’s been a fair bit of UKIP bashing lately as some newspapers have tied the UKIP to the British National Party

Nigel Farage

So what does a politician do when his party is taking a beating in the polls?  The obvious answer to that is to attack the opposition and lay bare its short-comings and highlight the dangers of voting in such a party.

As far as a politician is concerned there is nothing more humiliating than having to sit in opposition or be relegated to the back benches and so worried is the Tory Party that this could be a reality in the very near future that its Cabinet Minister, Ken Clarke, has taken the stand to label the UKIP ‘fruitcakes’ and ‘closet racists’.


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According to Ken Clarke it’s not just the UKIP members who are racists but anyone who votes from them are racists.  The racist card is like holding all the aces in a deck of cards and it is the one thing all politicians will use in times where they are most threatened. Use the word ‘racist’ in any context and it is likely people will back down.

We have become so brainwashed, so indoctrinated with the ‘racist’ agenda that we simply cannot even suggest that the UK is overrun by foreigners because to do so would be a ‘racist’ statement.

According to Ken Clark the UKIP is merely a party of protesters and those that it attracts to their cause are ‘waifs and strays’ that are against foreigners and the Governments Immigration policies.  He also went on to claim that anyone who votes for the UKIP is nothing more than outright racists.

Why such an onslaught on demonic proportions?  Why play the racist card now?  The local elections are due this Thursday and 35 county councils and unitary authorities in England and Wales go to polls and the likes of Ken Clarke fear that the public’s disillusionment over the Governments performance will likely see a repeat of the humiliation the Tories suffered in the Eastliegh by-election but instead of the Liberal Democrats taking the seat it’ll be the UKIP; something that Clarke fears the most.

The UKIP has retaliated by making the statement that the likes of Clarke are simply ‘morally reprehensible’ and that its ‘smear campaign’ and the use of the ‘racist’ card clearly shows the desperation of the Tories.


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Ken Clarke feels that people will only vote for the UKIP because they feel frustrated and angered that the Government is simply not doing enough and further suspects that if the public votes UKIP it will be more to spite the Government and take revenge for the lack of progress.

In my view the public faces a difficult decision. We know that a Coalition Government does not work; there are simply too many conflicting and opposing views and the result is clear – years of empty rhetoric and a country that is completely broken.

The UK public, in my view, needs to make a stand and decide which party they want to lead the country.  The question is, even if we do have a majority Government, will the public get what they want?  For too long we read the newspapers of how Ministers and Government officials are using and abusing their power; either for political or financial gain, while the real issues affecting the public are dismissed, whitewashed or simply ignored.

I personally feel that Ken Clarke, by using the ‘racist’ card, clearly shows just how desperate and worried he is at losing the power he has.  I view politicians as nothing less than liars – regardless of their party affiliation, and considering what the press uncovers it is little wonder why some would like the press silenced and why the public are tired of their selfish antics.

We live in a so-called democracy; I say so-called because the only democratic part of UK society is the voting process.  Once that is complete the party leaders then take it upon themselves to decide what is and what is not acceptable.

We get promised all manner of benefits during the campaigning but how many of these promises are kept?  The truth is… very little if any at all and those promises that are implemented are often watered down so that they become meaningless and clearly demonstrate the contempt that politicians have for the people.

What is the solution?  That’s actually very easy… the public needs a political party that offers a system of referendums.  In this electronic age setting up a system where people can cast a ‘democratic’ vote on a range of major issues, such as immigration, welfare, education, health care and others is not that difficult.  The Government could then take the result and announce the majority rule and once this is established and providing it is independently verified then the public will have a country that is ruled through a pure democratic system and not by a bunch of incompetent fools, thieves and liars as we do now.

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