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Khalsa Aid Helps UK Flood Victims

Khalsa Aid Helps UK Flood Victims

KHALSA AID HELPS UK FLOOD VICTIMS – Khalsa Aid is a charitable organisation that usually helps people in foreign countries in times of national disaster but they have recently moved their focus on the plight of UK citizens who are currently being subjected to the worse floods in years.

Ravi Singh is a wonderful human being for he recognises that its time the British helped the British and focused on problems at home; as Ravi Singh points out amicably; “This is our community, these are our countrymen who are in dire need.”

He is perfectly correct and despite Britain being a small country we really do know how to pull together in times of need and regardless of any cultural or religious issues we know how to come together and work to help each other; we just need to see more of it.

Recently Mr. Singh and the Khalsa charity have been working in the Philippines in order to help the people recover from the devastating effects of Typhoon Haiyan.  It was of course a noble cause and once again we witnessed UK based charities and the British Government giving generously in order to provide assistance.

The question on many people’s minds is where the charities and the British Government are in the British citizen’s hour of need.

On Friday last week Nigel Farage of UKIP called upon the Government to divert its Foreign Aid budget in order to help the people of the Somerset Levels; such a message was quickly echoed around the UK after the Government appeared obtuse to the plight of those suffering from the floods.


UKIP Calls for Foreign Aid Budget to be Diverted to Help Flood Victims at Home

Certainly Ravi Singh has hit a note and one that needed saying in that we shouldn’t, or rather can’t rely on our Government but rather pull together as a united community and help our fellow countrymen.

What else can I possibly say but ‘Thank you Mr. Singh and well done.’

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