Kids Anti Social Behaviour in Schools is Out of Control

KIDS ANTI SOCIAL BEHAVIOUR IN SCHOOLS IS OUT OF CONTROL – Spare the rod, spoil the child, appears to be the message from teachers as they point the finger directly at the parents over their kid’s growing anti social behaviour at school.

There is no doubt that this current Coalition Government, headed by David Cameron, is unable, or even unwilling, to put right the wrongs of the previous Labour Government and this is directly linked to the fear of being seen as an un-humanitarian or racist move.

I have lost count as to the number of government and social studies taken on the disruptive behaviour that is now almost uncontrollable in our schools and the blame is either directed at the teacher’s lack of ability to control such behaviour or it is the parents to mollycoddle their kids to a point where children are learning that causing trouble will often get them what they want.

My views have often left me open to ridicule, I’ve even had some threaten me with physical harm due to my belief that the lack of Corporal Punishment is the direct result of the mayhem we see in our schools today.


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UK School Children Out of Control with the Lack of Discipline

It is, according to the liberal thinkers, unacceptable to punish our children by giving them a good spanking.  It is also no longer allowed for a teacher to spank or cane a child for misbehaviour.

Even punishment by withdrawing a child’s toys or gadgets appear to be a form of unnecessary behaviour and our kids have grown to realize that there is nothing their teachers or parents can do to curb their bad behaviour – they quite simply are allow to run riot and we then wonder why violence in society is growing at an alarming rate.

Last year alone the Government provided an extra £5 billion into the education system in order to create more space – space, if our immigration levels where controlled could have been spent in other areas of education to boost the overall quality.

In a recent study nearly 80% of teachers said that the problems arise from the lack of discipline in the home.  Children are often allow to scream, stamp, shout and even use expletive language at their parents in order to obtain what they want or to get their own way.

How bad is the problem in our schools?  The survey uncovered that a massive 90% of the 800 teachers that took part in the survey openly admitted that they had to deal with at least one disruptive child in the class while others said that it was a weekly or even daily occurrence and the problems are getting worse.

In a shocking report a study has revealed that UK kids have ‘special education needs’ SEN five times higher than any other European country.

What is clear, from the survey, is that the problem is growing and growing fast.  Children have learned that their actions can go unpunished and even get them what they want.  This behaviour at home is then reflected in the classroom as they quickly realize that their teachers have no powers whatsoever to punish them.

It is astonishing to think that 77% of all class disruptions involve verbal abuse – that is the child using foul language directed at the teacher.  57% of disruptive behaviour involves physical aggression where children lash out at other pupils and teachers and that bullying is also on the rise by a staggering 41% in just the last year alone.

UK School Children Out of Control with the Lack of Discipline

UK School Children Out of Control with the Lack of Discipline

Where once there was respect in the home and classroom there is now anarchy.  Teachers are increasingly becoming the target of children in the most devious and degrading ways, with many being wrongly accused of sexual interference simply because a child was admonished by a teacher.

Children have also taken to their social networks, such as Twitter and Facebook in order to create smear campaigns about certain teachers; knowing that their defamatory actions will have no consequences.

While I do not wish any child, as a parent myself, any harm, is it not time to reinstate Corporal Punishment and allow teachers to cane those misbehaviour and instill law, order and discipline back into the classroom; which should transgress to the home?

How is your child’s education progressing?  Is your child’s education being stifled by those in the class that think it is acceptable to be unruly and even physically violent towards their educators and fellow pupils?

Yes, spare the rod if you must, call me whatever you like, but your actions will allow your child to grow into an adult that has no respect for themselves, let alone other in society.


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We have, and continue to do so, use a liberalized system and this has clearly not worked.  Britain has become the most violent nation in all of Europe and if we do not educate our children to the error of their ways then this can only get worse.  Is this really the legacy you want to leave behind – a violent society that is clearly out of control?

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  • Monk123

    When I was a parent of a child at
    high school – Monday to Friday I saw him for 2-4 hours a day. At school they
    see the children and are responsible for them for 6-7 hours a day.

    There should be more strict rules and when
    teachers are guardians of children.

    Perhaps the form teacher should
    act as a Father/Mother figure for any actions at school, liaising with the child first, but then with parents by phone/email and if necessary by parents being called to school.

    (If parents don’t attend a parent teacher meeting, without reasonable excuse,
    then a local police officer should be involved….)

    • meebal

      That’s certainly one approach worth trying. Nice suggestion. Without doubt we need to do something to instill respect and in turn create self respect and any solution is better than no solution – we must explore all avenues.

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