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Killing a Man is No Big Deal According to Mother of Thug that Killed Andrew Young

Killing a Man is No Big Deal According to Mother of Thug that Killed Andrew Young

KILLING A MAN IS NO BIG DEAL ACCORDING TO MOTHER OF THUG THAT KILLED ANDREW YOUNG – Yesterday we published an article on how Lewis Gill, 20, attacked and ultimately killed Andrew Young, 40, a man who simply told Lewis Gill’s friend that it was dangerous to ride his bicycle on the pavement.

Without warning Lewis Gill hit Andrew Young sending him crashing to the ground, hitting his head on the road and as a result died a day later due to his injuries.

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Thug Gets Just 4 Years for Killing Vulnerable Man

Last night Sherron O’Hagan, the mother of Lewis Gill, in what can only be described as a callous display of indifference told reporters that she did not know ‘what all the fuss was about’ and that her son killing Andrew Young was ‘no big deal’.

As a result of the killing Lewis Gill was sentenced to just four and a half year in prison but the reality is that he’ll be free walking the streets within just two years; maybe less.

According to Sherron O’Hagan her son is a ‘good kid’ and that what happened was merely an accident and the public are making a too bigger deal out of it.

When looking at the numerous comments being left on websites around the web carrying this story it is once again clear that the public would like the death penalty reinstating.

However, as we pointed out in the original article even if the death penalty existed today Lewis Gill would not have such a sentence handed down by a judge because this was a case of manslaughter, not murder… again read the original article for a full explanation.

Our readers have become accustomed to giving its point of view; we are after all an opinions based news site and yesterday we made our feelings crystal clear… manslaughter should carry a maximum penalty of 25 years and such a term should be determined by the facts of the case.

Considering Lewis Gill’s action he should have received the full 25 years so that the public are assured of their safety for a very long time.

As for Sherron O’Hagan…. people like this shouldn’t be allowed to breed.  Pure and simple; she is the personification of the liberal society that we appear to support.

The Attorney General since Lewis Gill was sentenced, has received a deluge of calls demanding that his sentence is reviewed and a review and ultimately leads to a much longer sentence.

The Attorney General, Dominic Grieve told reporters that he had received over 110 complaints within hours of the case becoming public and that he will now examine the case and determine whether the prison term was in fact too short.

Once again the issues with our legal system come down to the fact that Government refuses to take public opinion into account when creating or indeed changing laws.

We have accepted that the Government dictates to us what the laws will be, there is no public consultation and there never will be unless the voting public demands a change so that their views of justice are taken into account.

Call it anarchy if you like but when you get a knock at the door by your local MP canvassing for your vote in the next General Election ask them if they will support the reinstatement of the death penalty.

If the answer is no then tell them they can’t have your vote and if none are willing then you should abstain from voting.

It’s not just about the issue of reinstating the death penalty but rather an issue for the public to claw back its democratic powers which have been stripped away to the point where the only democracy you will be provided with is the choice to vote in the next set of dictators.

Yes, I’ve said that before but we now live in a society where 70% of all our laws are created by Brussels; that was according to Viviane Reding, Vice President of the European Commission, she also stated that the British public were too ignorant to have an EU referendum.


British Too Ignorant to be Allowed an EU Referendum

EU Free Movement Has Caused Difficulties Admits Barroso

Now tell me that we live in a democracy.

It’s time we reinstated both corporal and capital punishment in the UK and sent a message to the criminals in that no longer will we tolerate a society that is bathed in crime and violence and those who engage in such will face the full force of the law.

Britain currently has a number of uninhabited islands so instead of filling up the prisons why not simply dump the criminal element on one of these and let them fend for themselves – it would be so much cheaper.

Of course the liberals won’t like that for that would be a violation of their human rights; maybe we ought to redefine what ‘human’ is and once we are able to see that the criminal element doesn’t act like civil human beings then we shouldn’t have any probably removing their so-called human rights.

The bottom line is folks that until the people regain the right to command our Government, then the Government will continue to dictate to the people and effectively allow society to degrade into what is becoming a lawless and violent society without any access to justice.

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