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Knighthood List Shambles that Belittles the Honours System

Knighthood List Shambles that Belittles the Honours System

KNIGHTHOOD LIST SHAMBLES THAT BELITTLES THE HONOURS SYSTEM – David Cameron came under fire last night and has yet again, for the umpteenth time this year alone, been accused of cronyism after effectively handing out titles like candy to his chums.

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Just a few days ago we published an article on how some felt that David Beckham and even Andy Murray were betrayed by the Government for not providing them with Knighthoods for their sporting achievements.


Honours Committee Says NO to David Beckham Knighthood

At we supported the Honours Committee decision not to provide such titles and in fact went on to state that no TV, Movie or Sports personality should ever receive such an accolade; after all kicking a ball around a bit of grass a couple of hours a week is hardly the work of a genius and is unlikely to bring about change for the betterment of mankind.

Regardless of our views that the Honours Committee refused to provide David Beckham and a number of other celebrities is admirable, it appears that they too are far more shallow than first perceived for now the likes of Alan Parker is about to receive a knighthood.

Who is Alan Parker?  Yes, you’ve probably never heard of him which is not surprising for he is just a City public relations chief who happened to jaunt off on holiday with the Prime Minister a couple of times… this of course resulted in his name appearing on the New Year’s Honours list denoting a knighthood was in order.

Does it get any more obvious to the true character of David Cameron?  In my 50 years on this planet I’ve seen some pretty despicable people walk through the halls of Parliament and whilst you can’t tar them all with the same brush there’s a clear indication that most love nothing more than to scratch each other’s back for political and financial gain and they are more than happy to hand our honours for those who are prepared to support their party’s cause.

Mr. Cameron has once again been accused of running a Government that not in the interest of the public but rather for the interest of a few close friends and his latest actions clearly cement this belief.

Out of touch with public sentiment and out of touch with reality; that clearly appears the consensus of the British public and as we approach the 2015 General Election his continued ignorance of public sentiment may well cost the Tories the election.

On that note I would go with the sentiment of Lord Oakeshott who stated that honours should go to unsung heroes and heroines and not Mr. Cameron’s cronies or George Osborne’s donors.

There was a time when receiving a knighthood from the monarch was viewed as an acknowledgement of services rendered, generally to humanity, but Mr. Cameron has certainly made it clear that such a title can now be obtained simply by supplying party members with a few quid which only belittles the honours system and the monarch who is forced to hand out such trinkets to Mr. Cameron’s cronies.

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