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Labour Demands Tory Apology for Miners Strike Conflict

Labour Demands Tory Apology for Miners Strike Conflict

LABOUR DEMANDS TORY APOLOGY FOR MINERS STRIKE CONFLICT – The year was 1984 and it was the month of March when Margaret Thatcher, Tory Prime Minister, took the decision to close 20 loss-making coal mines.

Such a decision invoked the rage of the National Union of Mineworkers leader Arthur Scargill and as history shows a year long war of attrition gripped and divided the nation.

With all the issues facing the taxpayer in current times it might seem incredulous as to why the Labour Shadow Minister Michael Dugher will have raised the issue and sought an apology for the Tories handling of the miners’ strike.

During 1984 Britain witnessed one of the most aggressive confrontations between the police and citizens in modern times at what is commonly referred to as the Battle of Orgreave where no less than 10,000 miners confronted and engaged in violence with some 5,000 police officers.

It was and remains today in my mind’s eye, one of the most shameful acts ever committed by certain members of the British public; for despite these coal mines costing the taxpayer millions to keep in operation a few, and the notable Arthur Scargill, took it upon themselves to attempt to force the Government into submission.

Margaret Thatcher, The Iron Lady, was not for bending nor was she about to submit to a socialist whose only goal was to seek notoriety and power through his leadership – Arthur Scargill of course, along with the miners, were eventually forced to accept the inevitable, that being the closure of all 20 coal pits.

30 years later some in the Labour Party feel that the Tory Party should admit that Mrs. Thatcher’s administration deliberately escalated the dispute and that it should now apologies to the nation for its actions.

Today Lord Tebbit, who during the time was Baroness Thatcher’s Trade Union and Industry Secretary, has come out to ridicule Labour’s request stating that it is absurd and no doubt Labour’s next step would be to seek an apology to the Argentinean’s for freeing the Falklands.

Lord Tebbit told the House of Lords that he presumes leader of the Labour Party Ed Miliband is simply calling for such an apology in order to curry favour and receive more funding from the Unite Union.

It appears the Labour Party has nothing better to do other than to drag up history and in that case maybe Ed Miliband needs a lesson.

Whilst Mrs. Thatcher did indeed close a number of coal pits, the decision was taken on the basis of public cost; in this case the mines were losing vast sums of money that the taxpayer was forced to support.

Of course go back in time to the previous Labour Party and it is clear that their socialist ideologies not only destroyed industry through the Union movement but in fact bankrupt Britain in 1976.

I wonder if the Labour Party would like to apologise for its socialist agenda that destroyed industry leaving a mere skeleton remaining and which was clearly defunct.

Moving forward, it is Ed Miliband who thinks François Hollande is some sort of socialist hero despite the clear evidence that his socialist policies, which evidently Ed Miliband wants to mirror in Britain if elected in 2015, are pushing France ever closer to economic ruin.

Not all politicians are completely dim witted and some, like James Callaghan, actually learned from the lessons that history provides for after bankrupting Britain in 1976 through the socialist ideology that you can spend your way out of debt he wrote a poignant speech in the hope that future Labour leaders would learn from his mistakes…

“We used to think that you could spend your way out of a recession and increase employment by boosting government spending… I tell you that this option no longer exists; and so far as it ever did exist, it only worked on each occasion by injecting a bigger dose of inflation into the economy, followed by a higher level of unemployment as the next step.” James Callaghan’s, British Prime Minister, Labour Party, 1976.

Currently Labour remains ahead in the electoral polls and I have to say this surprises me; although it could be the public’s way of warning David Cameron to pull his socks up if he doesn’t want throwing out of No.10.

It is obvious Britain is facing tenuous times ahead and what Britain requires now is a unified and single leadership; I would think that if Margaret Thatcher were alive today and able to run for office she would win hands down for what Britain needs is strong and no nonsense leadership; something that is completely devoid of within the Labour Party.

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