Labour Election TV Ad Campaign: Lame at Best

by Editor | May 9, 2014 5:29 am

LABOUR ELECTION TV CAMPAIGN: LAME AT BEST – I’ve just watched the new Labour Election TV advertising campaign and it’s about as lame as Ed Miliband with a twist of stupidity that can only make you cringe.

Don’t get me wrong I’m no fan of David Cameron and I wouldn’t charge Nick Clegg with cleaning my shoes but it’s little or no surprise that Ed Miliband’s election advertisement is probably the most misguided work of fiction anyone will ever witness.

The contents of the advertisement, as you can see for yourself, merely depicts Nick Clegg, David Cameron and the Cabinet members as just being toffs who couldn’t care less about the public.

Certainly you won’t get much of an argument from me on that score but the way in which this TV ad is put together is simply appalling for is merely admonishes a particular class but clearly doesn’t offer any real solutions.

Yes offering a solution is not something Ed Miliband could possibly come up with and his idea of a prosperous Britain is to hand over power to the European Union whilst subjecting the population to a social tax structure mirrored on the French model by Francios Hollande.

Yes well history has already spoken and the French economy has stagnated for nearly three years on the back of such a policy and yet despite the clear facts Ed Miliband still insists it’s a jolly good idea.

As for ridiculing the so-called ‘toffs’ he is of course one of them.  Yes, the Marxist Ed Miliband is a privately educated schoolboy just the same as Nick Clegg, David Cameron and the other imbeciles.

Despite being a staunch Marxist we have yet to witness (and we never will) Mr. Miliband liquidating his extensive investment portfolio, bank account and other assets in order to adhere to the Marxist principle that you should share the wealth.

Feel free to watch the video but be aware you won’t find anything of substance in it for Ed Miliband along with the rest of his party really don’t have anything to offer other than attempting to ridicule a class that he is clearly part of despite the his rhetoric to the contrary.

Frankly voting either Conservative or Labour in the next General Election won’t provide the public with the ability to claw back democracy as they both intended to hand over Britain to the EU and in the process condemn Britain to the same fate as Greece.

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