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Labour Flood Minister Holidays in Mexico Whilst Britain Suffers with the Worst Floods in Decades

Labour Flood Minister Holidays in Mexico Whilst Britain Suffers with the Worst Floods in Decades

LABOUR FLOOD MINISTER HOLIDAYS IN MEXICO WHILST BRITAIN SUFFERS WITH THE WORST FLOODS IN DECADES – Being an MP is a great life if you can convince enough people of your honesty, integrity and above all willingness to work hard for those who pay your salary.

Politicians… you can forget all the four letter words that society finds offensive for in my view there is no other word in the history of mankind that is more odious.

Yet again the British public are treated to complete and utter contempt; this time from Shadow Floods Minister Barry Gardiner, yes Ed Miliband’s supremo and despite Ed Miliband’s assertion that he’s doing all he can from his warm, dry and expensively decorated office at the expense of the taxpayer, here’s Mr. Gardiner jaunting off to Mexico to soak up the sun and basically have a jolly good time.

Not too worry, at least the taxpayer wasn’t again financially raped for this £3,650 holiday for it was paid for courtesy of Bharat Shah, a multi-millionaire pharmaceutical’s boss; a staunch labour party supporter and close friend of Mr. Miliband.

Look, you can say what you like but there’s not many wealthy people who would simply lavish that type of expense on an MP unless they wanted something in return… yes it comes back down to honesty and integrity and the severe lack of it in Whitehall is the primary reason Britain has been sold to the EU and weighted down under a mountain of national debt.

In all fairness it could be argued that we are all entitled to take a holiday, however what is offensive in this case is that Mr. Gardiner has taken a holiday at someone else’s expense; namely Mr. Shah who certainly isn’t doing so out of the goodness of his heart and to think so would be just folly, and finally at the expense of the taxpayer.

The taxpayer might not be directly paying for the cost of the holiday but Mr. Gardiner like anyone else is entitled to get paid whilst on holiday; that in itself wouldn’t be an issue if he had taken a holiday at a less critical time.

He should, if he had an ounce of moral fortitude, remain at his desk and work vigilantly to help resolve the numerous problems the British flood victims are currently subjected to, but as with most politicians they and he really couldn’t care less, well not unless they are canvassing for votes and this is probably the only time you will see a politician work for they know just how lucrative it is to be seated in parliament

Let’s try to put this in perspective…

A recent investigation by the Mail on Sunday revealed that Mr. Gardiner was elected in 1997 and since that time he’s spent no less than 157 days on all-expenses paid foreign holidays to some of the world’s most exotic locations; I wonder how many taxpayers can testify to being fortunate enough to do the same.

So apart from Labour supporter Mr. Shah treating Mr. Gardiner to a lavish holiday, who else has been so generous?

I doubt very much you’ll be surprised to learn that as Shadow Flood Minister, Mr. Gardiner’s holidays are mostly paid for by the climate change lobby group, Globe International.

There’s a twist to this however for not only is it obvious these holidays are provided in order to garner favour for government contracts but Globe International is part funded by the taxpayer.

Yes, in effect you are paying for a private company to court Mr. Gardiner so that he might just award government contracts that ultimately come out of your pocket – you are in effect paying for Mr. Gardiner’s lavish holidays.

Since the coalition came to power, MPs have been forced to declare the costs of jet setting around the world; look at any such expenses and they are listed as ‘Fact Finding Trips’. Personally I don’t see what facts Mr. Gardiner will be able to glean on Britain’s current flood disaster by sipping cocktails on a sun-kissed Mexican beach.

These ‘fact-finding trips’ are certainly rather nice for Mr. Gardiner for on top of these all-expense paid holidays he’s managed to rack up 103 days overseas at a cost to the taxpayer of £74,125.

That’s approximately 3 times the national average wage; no wonder Britain is in such a financial mess.

Being an MP is a lucrative affair, as I stated earlier, but for Mr. Gardiner, along with many other MPs, his household budget is significantly bloated by the taxpayer for his wife, a poet and a sculpture, is also his ‘immigration advisor’ who is provided with an annual salary of £25,000 from the public purse.

At this point I’m trying to get my head around how a flood minister needs an immigration advisor and furthermore how on earth a poet and a sculpture qualifies for such a position.

Maybe his wife’s job is to advice him of the immigration rules of each country they visit?  Who knows, but one thing is for sure… this is yet another MP who is living the high-life at everyone else’s expense and clearly if he cared an iota about the job he is charged with he would be down in Somerset liaising with councillors and emergency services in order to help those people whose homes are under water.

Whilst this might make you suitably irate you should take comfort in that no matter who you voted for in the last General Election or who you intend to vote for in the next General Election, they are all primarily the same… inept, incompetent and severely lacking in honesty, integrity and moral fortitude.

If ministers were part of the Four Musketeers the motto would be… ‘All for one and all for one’ for it is clear that most of them are in the game of politics just to satisfy their own greed.

You can read more about Mr. Gardiner’s jaunt on the Daily Mail website

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