Labour Plans to Create the Ultimate Nanny State

by Editor | May 4, 2014 4:29 am

LABOUR PLANS TO CREATE THE ULTIMATE NANNY STATE – The Mail on Sunday today has revealed Ed Miliband’s secret plans to create the ultimate ‘nanny state’ by cracking down on drinking, smoking and junk food.

According to the Mail on Sunday the documents it obtained via a Whitehall sources reveals that Mr. Miliband intends to ban cigarettes, do away with cheap booze and even impose a ban on the popular breakfast cereal Frosties.

By now we suspect you are seeing red but as we at have pointed out time and time again such measures from Government shouldn’t come as much of surprise and ultimately it’s your fault.

Yes, that’s right it’s your fault because it was you who voted in those who have carefully worked towards totalitarianism and there will come a point where even your right to vote will be stripped from you.

If you want to see a pure form of narcissism then look into the eyes of any politician for the only things a politician truly cares for is power and the ability to control every aspect of your life.

Consider carefully the information in the video below; yes we have published this on a number of occasions but in the interest of driving the message home so that you fully realise the dangers of big Government versus the small citizen we’ll publish it again.

Now that you’ve watched the video do you now understand what your vote has effectively allowed to happen?

For those of you who are willing to approach this subject with open eyes you’ll realise that this is not a conspiracy theory but instead a reality.

Stop for a moment and ask yourself why an almost obscure political party, that being UKIP, has managed to garner such massive public support over the last 2 years.

The rise of UKIP hasn’t been on the back of its multitude of policies but rather just one; that being the issue to Britain pulling out of the European Union and then renegotiating sensible trade deals.

The reason for their success has been wholly on the back of people finally waking up and dispelling the lies and rhetoric that the current and previous Governments have fed the population, and now more than ever people are beginning to wake up to the fact that their democratic rights are slowly but surely being stripped away and left unchallenged the European Union will, probably within the next 10 years, have complete totalitarian rule over the citizens of the United Kingdom.

The Mail on Sunday has published Ed Miliband’s document which outlines his plans to control almost every aspect of your life; in addition to that Mr. Miliband has already made it perfectly clear that he will deny you your democratic right to have an EU referendum.

It’s time people really took a long hard look at democracy and understood just how important it is, but in reality this is the first generation that has never really had to fight for it and therefore is unable to truly understand how vital it is to a free society.

It is clear, in fact its crystal clear, that if Labour wins the 2015 General Election then he will deny you democracy, Ed Miliband will continue to hand over more powers to the EU and he will force you to live your life and he and the EU despots sees fit.

Yes, we are all fully aware that certain indulgences in life are not exactly good for our health and certainly smoking and drinking excessively counts among them but should any one person, or in this case a political party, have the right to deny you a choice?

Ed Miliband’s plan come at a cost; firstly it will cost you your democracy and secondly it’ll cost you more money for just the issue of alcohol alone will cost the British taxpayer £300 million in lost revenue as alcohol sponsorship is outlawed.

Some might think this is not such a bad idea but you need to consider that Britain is fast approaching a national debt level of £1.4 trillion and frankly if it is to stave off bankruptcy and going the same way as Greece then it needs generate all the income it can.

Note carefully that Mr. Miliband is a staunch Marxist; now ask yourself why doesn’t he apply the principles of Marxism to himself; that is liquidate his vast investment portfolio, empty his bank account and then redistribute the wealth through the Treasury.

And there you have it in a nutshell; this is a case of do as I say, not as I do and whilst Mr. Miliband and all others with the vision of a totalitarian Britain appear to laud the benefits it clearly only benefits those who are giving the directions and not subjected to them.

The Labour health blueprint includes:

(Extract: Mail on Sunday)

Look carefully at the list above; it’s only part of what Mr. Miliband wants to impose.  Now ask yourself where is your choice, where is your right to decide and what gives a public lackey, a mere employee of the taxpayer, the right to dictate what you may or may not do, what you may or may not consume and ultimately how to live your life?

Currently, under a democracy, Mr. Miliband doesn’t have those rights but if you vote him into Government come 2015 you’ll be effectively handing him your democratic rights so that he can burn them and then dictate to you what you will and will not do.

We’ve discussed abstention from voting recently in a published article titled ‘2015 General Election: Is it Undemocratic to Abstain from Voting’; the title gives you a clear indication as to what it contains.

There are some who defend the principle that it is in fact undemocratic not to vote but there is a growing number of people who are not asking themselves if voting simply doesn’t allow for more democracy to be stripped away.

In our view you should only vote if you have 100% conviction in what you are voting for; if at any point there is even a glimmer of doubt then it is in fact undemocratic to vote.

We continuously give politicians the power to decide on critical social issues but it is becoming clearer that most of them are simply working for the benefit of themselves or some deluded draconian ideology that has proven to fail time and time again and yet they continue peddling it in order to ultimately control the people.

Remember, as of now you still have a choice; come 2015 that choice may very well be taken from you as they effectively use your democratic choice to strip you of that democratic choice.

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